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Digital Signage and Interactive Media in Businesses

Dynamic Digital Signage is a powerful platform for customer-facing businesses, including:

  • Retail – Mass Market, Specialty, Grocery, Warehouse/Club, Fashion, Housewares/Home Improvement, Consumer Electronics
  • Banks & Financial Services
  • Restaurants, Hotels, Travel, Theaters/Entertainment
  • Brands – Consumer-packaged goods and service companies

A brand's story is ultimately shaped by customer experience, and the right digital media strategy can significantly impact that experience, generating sales lift and deepening brand connection. By controlling the right digital experiences from the moment customers walk through the door, businesses can increase sales, create a connected omnichannel experience, and gain a competitive edge in today's marketplace.

Our Solutions

“[Digital place-based media] provides significant improvement to the return on communications investment, helping brands, marketers, retailers, facility operators and other organizations such as consumer services, government, campuses and sport/arts/entertainment centers to effectively achieve their communications and business goals, at a time when communicating to shoppers, patrons, staff and students is increasingly complex.” — Lyle Bunn, Digital Screenmedia Association Contributor

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