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Digital Signage and Interactive Media Software Suite

Our market-leading software suite, ReflectView, allows our clients to control their in-store digital media networks with ease and versatility. ReflectView's distribution capabilities are so easy, that one person can control thousands of displays at once - eliminating the labor constraints other digital signage solutions may present.

Publish and Manage Digital Media and Signage

ReflectView Publisher is a role-based control application for running Digital Signage Networks. Manage your rich media backbone - media players, interactive kiosks, in-store audio - from a single easy to learn and use solution. Upload your content, build your playlists, add your business rules, assign your playlists to the whole network or a targeted segment for playback.

Manage 1000's of Digital Displays

ReflectView Server is an enterprise-class server application responsible for distribution and monitoring of the Digital Sign Network. Manage 1,000s of media players, kiosks, etc. from a single head-end.

Easy Digital Signage Content Playback

ReflectView Player is our playback application that supports a variety of media players, including single and multi-channel players, kiosks, audio players, price checkers, etc.

Optimal Digital Signage Content Transfer

ReflectView Distributor is an optional single point of communication for content transfer for multiple channel installations.

Digital Signage Network Reporting

ReflectView Reporter is a system-wide reporting application for detailed and summary playback reports.

Services & Consulting

“Retailers are increasingly adopting store technologies such as digital signage that support a more interactive, customer-driven environment.” — Geoff Thomas, general manager for Microsoft's U.S. Retail and Hospitality Group

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