September 14, 2010

2010 Prediction #1 – In-Store Digital Media’s “Elephant In The Room” Gets Attention

It’s that time again! I present to you Reflect’s Top 10 Digital Signage predictions for 2010. We’ll release a new prediction every day for the next two weeks. Be sure to comment on the blog posts with your opinions.

Prediction 1 – In-Store Digital Media’s “Elephant In The Room” Gets Attention

In the industry, there’s plenty of talk about enhancing the customer experience at retail and how digital applications can help. But there’s a huge elephant in the room that rarely gets its due: sales results.

While customer experience is a competitive tool and a big part of retail strategy, sales lift and results at the register must be taken into account.

What are the results?  Can they be directly tied to the digital media?  How do we measure and improve on our efforts?

I predict that this “elephant” will take center stage for retailers, brands and agencies alike in 2010.

Transparency and accountability will now be required and of course, this means more work for everyone to be sure; but, this is good news.

People tend to avoid measuring sales impact, because it’s elusive and difficult to substantiate.

However, measurement tools and techniques are becoming more methodical and reliable, which will help retailers, brands and agencies easily incorporate metrics into their emerging in-store digital media routines and budgets.

When done right, dramatic sales lift can be directly attributed to the use of in-store digital media.  In 2009, we saw some extremely positive results for retailers and brands, some made public and some kept under wraps.

Sales results get noticed, and with double and triple digit sales lifts, it behooves everyone in retail to take note—and they will. We’re sure to see more tangible results directly related to in-store digital media in 2010.

Matt Schmitt