September 14, 2010

2010 Prediction #2 – Coming Up: More Targeted, Dynamic Content

Not all platforms are created equal.

Take social media platforms, for example. At Reflect, we have a blog, a Twitter account a Facebook fan page…you get the picture. All of these platforms help us communicate with you-the audience, but we Tic Tac Toe boardcan’t post a blog entry on Twitter and a tweet definitely wouldn’t make sense posted in a blog—it’s a textbook “square peg in a round hole” situation.

In 2009, we continued to see our fair share of this in the digital out-of-home space — standard television commercials or repurposed long-form video.  The result: a great commercial or video relegated to a medium that demands a different approach to obtain results.  Just because something worked well for TV doesn’t mean it’ll translate well to out-of-home venues.  In 2009 we saw proof that content designed for the medium produced positive results.

In 2010, stakeholders will further understand (and accept) that content must be developed with the medium and the in-store shopper in mind.

To this end, expect to see shorter segments, more direct and specific messages spelled out for the consumer, immediate calls to action, and smarter use of audio (or lack thereof).  We’ll post more about this topic soon.