September 14, 2010

Reflect Announces Partnership with TXT4CRM

Today, there was an announcement regarding the partnership between Reflect and TXT4CRM to bring together the power of digital signage and mobile messaging. What does this mean? There are many successful marketing campaigns leveraging mobile messaging solutions. While there are many new mobile apps for smart phones and an array of experiments taking place with personalized shopper engagement, there are still some very fundamental ways that mobile messaging can be leveraged today to a very broad base of users. TXT4CRM is helping brands and agencies to maximize their efforts with proven techniques that deliver results.

One of the issues with mobile messaging campaigns is that, even though they can reach most consumers with low barriers to entry like SMS-based engagement, the method for initiating awareness and promotion of these campaigns is most often relegated to printing, shipping and displaying static point-of-promotion materials in retail environments and public venues. This is where digital signage can help. The messaging campaigns can be conceived and delivered to the point of display very rapidly, but the awareness of digital displays versus static signage is proven to be dramatically better. And accentuating the mobile messaging and offers with rich media content provides more tools for effective engagement and value proposition to brands, retailers and shoppers.

Reflect will continue to leverage partnerships and provide offerings that we believe empower retailers and brands with the tools they need to effectively engage their customers with digital technologies across channels.

Read the full release here [PDF].