Reshaping the Shopping Experience with Technology Convergence

HP recently sponsored a whitepaper called Reshaping the Shopping Experience with Technology Convergence in which they interviewed Reflect’s President and Co-Founder, Matt Schmitt.

The convergence of a variety of digital technologies will be a key driver of retail sales throughout 2011 and beyond.  This whitepaper discusses the evolution of digital media in retail sales, how convergence drives commerce and personalizing shopping experiences for customers.

“We are seeing more of our systems get programmed with passive media, but incorporate interactive applications for the shoppers to engage with,” said Matt Schmitt, President & Co-Founder of Dallas-based Reflect. “Things like assisted shopping applications and product advisors, which used to be focused mainly on kiosks, are starting to merge with digital signage and driving those multipurpose displays.”

Click here to download the whitepaper.

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