September 8, 2011

Choosing the Right Platform to Power Your Digital Signage

When people think of digital signage they may not naturally think about a “platform” for all their digital signage needs. Somewhere between customer experiences, use case scenarios, networking considerations, hardware selections, content management, TCO and ROI is the answer. For many customers choosing the right platform comes down to the most flexible software (content management, programming, scheduling and delivery) in combination with the “right tool for the right job” from a hardware (media player + display) perspective. Add the time dimension of most “future proof” software (“open” architecture with APIs/Web Services for extensibility) and hardware for any one set of in-store behaviors (video playback or interactive kiosk) and you’re there.

At Reflect, we challenge our customers to think in the abstract about what they can do with digital video and interactive experiences. Then we help customers (business users and IT) deliver on that vision. “Products that Play Well with Others” are what we build. This platform philosophy comes from my days as a Business Process Management software vendor where I saw the costs for customers trying to integrate across multiple applications to get a real picture of the business process. Delivering the platform for a Rich Media Backbone (digital signage + kiosk + endless aisle + employee training + the next thing + and the next thing) is the focus of Reflect.

Platform selection is not an exact science, but a good choice will pay benefits for years – a bad choice will put you back in the selection cycle taking time away from adding to the success of your business.

Rick Mattock, Chief Operating Officer, Reflect