November 19, 2011

A Client Focused Approach to Product Development Powers Results

Some things in the world can be funny. We get so close to what we’re doing day-to-day that we don’t realize everything we’re learning. Here at Reflect, we have great customers running our flagship product ReflectView, managing thousands of channels for literally millions of viewers each month, which is cool.

But these forward looking customers are also constantly experimenting. And we get to be part of the equation. Some experiments are more successful than others, but this a natural process and is important to consistently finding successful paths forward.

We gain enviable experience working on projects to create new customer experiences. We help our clients by vetting new media players, displays, content types, and new applications for engaging customers. Our clients ask for new ways to add compelling elements to their systems, including social media feeds, QR codes or mobile games and interactivity. And we all benefit by working closely together to expand ReflectView’s capabilities in real-world, deployable, manageable, and scalable ways.

Collaboration works.

Rick Mattock, COO