December 7, 2011

ReflectView Solutions Spotlight

Here at Reflect, we realize that not every digital signage project is the same.  Reflect is dedicated to providing flexible solutions which meet a customer’s needs, not by dusting off an ancient piece of hardware sitting on a warehouse shelf, but by merging customizable digital shopper marketing solutions built on a solid core software platform with multiple hardware options specifically tailored to their area of use within a retail environment. 

Reflect’s TouchPoint solutions provide an Interactive display system for point of service and assisted shopping applications. TouchPoint supports customers’ touchscreen activity and interaction with physical sensors, buttons and product lift triggers and is used in welcome areas, customer service and shopping zones such as endcaps and product demo locations. 

The Reflect MediaPoint solutions provide high quality HD media display for customer awareness and motivation.   MediaPoint enables passive media messaging, screen segmenting with images, videos and dynamic content such as real-time information or social media content, and is suited for general customer wait areas, store departments, endcaps and in-aisle product promotions.

Contact us to learn more about these “ViewPoint” solutions for achieving your digital media network needs.