Verizon store
January 4, 2012

In-Store Digital Media Helps Verizon Wireless Connect with Customers!

Reflect worked with Verizon Wireless and their preferred hardware and integration partners to plan, test and deploy in-store marketing displays and self-service kiosk systems that enabled reliable content management and delivery. With the open architecture of ReflectView, Verizon Wireless is able to integrate with internal business systems and use enterprise-standard deployment and support processes.

Refl ect now powers thousands of digital media systems across Verizon’s vast network of stores. Verizon Wireless is able to control timely promotional messaging centrally, and is able to monitor media delivery and compliance. From passive media displays to interactive kiosks, Verizon Wireless is now able to leverage Refl ectView as a rich media backbone that can adapt and grow based on new initiatives for marketing, training, merchandising and customer service.

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