February 23, 2012

The Digital Moment of Truth – Create a Call to Action

Create a Call to Action

Know your audience. Understanding the demographic of your audience will help better connect your message with the consumer. The best objective for demographics is to know certain classifications, such as age, sex, education, income, etc… Other research may be done on the actual consumers at a specific location to determine even more demographically relevant content. This content could relate to their wants, needs and desires. Unlike commercial TV, the consumers are typically coming directly to the source, and the demographic may stay fairly consistent. Effective communication starts with knowing your audience. Understand that the demographic can change throughout the day and week and that content programming may be changed based on time of day or day of the week to ensure a correlation between the content and the demographic of your consumer.

Content needs to be relevant, compelling, entertaining, colorful and readable in less than three seconds. The average dwell time may vary the amount of time that you have with a possible consumer, but the attention span is short. The message needs to quickly connect with the consumer in order to have a chance at creating engagement.

Dwell times need to always be considered when creating content. A good rule of thumb as a designer is to assume you have a viewer for only 15 seconds. Know exactly where a digital sign is located, including its dwell time and its overall playlist duration.

There are three different types of digital signage networks. Point of Transit (POT) works by grabbing the attention of passing consumers for a brief period of time – the return is driven by number of eyeballs. Point of Sale (POS) is what consumers encounter close to a product or service sale. Call to action is immediate – sales ultimately drive the success of this specific network. Point of Wait (POW) is targeted at consumers waiting for a product or service – eyeballs reached, and behavioral change in attitude of the consumer based on experience is the return on objective (ROO).

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