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February 4, 2012

The Digital Moment of Truth – Understand the Purpose

Understand the Purpose

The most important element of a successful and useful digital signage implementation is the content. Content for digital signage is different than other mediums used for marketing and advertising. The digital signage medium is unique. It is not the same as television, websites or print promotions. The content that should be created for digital signage is fresh, dynamic and different. The technology components that control digital signage displays present opportunities to create and leverage content with exciting characteristics compared to traditional video.

The market has proven digital signage as more beneficial than static signage because content can be updated frequently, saving the cost of printing and capturing more attention. Digital signage has the ability to be interactive using touch screens, gestures and mobile device integration.

At the beginning of a new project, research must be done, and questions must be answered. Before moving forward with a digital signage deployment, the content strategist and designer must fully understand the objective of the project. Research is pivotal in creating the right content for the business. To ensure the proper style of a company, refer to a Branding Style Guide that may be provided. Typically, the marketing team has already decided the selection of the colors, style assets and fonts to be used in their promotional messaging. Whether a Branding Style Guide has been provided or not, the designer must gather a variety of information from different sources. These sources include the company’s web assets, print assets, broadcast ads, logo assets and existing photography. Any type of media that displays the company’s image publicly is usually helpful when planning the digital signage content strategy. Previous content created by the company, such as flyers, catalogues, magazines, taglines, etc., could also be helpful for recycling and using in the process.

The reason for using digital signage should be the driving force in creating the content. Understand the purpose of the digital signage, whether it is to educate, train, entertain, inform, etc. This needs to be understood before beginning to create content.

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