March 22, 2012

DSE 2012 Wrap-Up

We recently returned from Las Vegas where we pulled out all the stops at this year’s Digital Signage Expo to showcase the very latest in Reflect’s digital signage and interactive applications.  In case you missed us, during the show we highlighted our ViewPoint solutions, which harness the power of our latest software release, ReflectView 6, and best in class hardware and partner offerings to deliver a strategic, scalable platform for retail and out-of-home media networks.

Visitors to the Reflect booth learned about the recent enhancements to ReflectView and how it’s ViewPoint configurations, MediaPoint and TouchPoint, provide businesses with the power to drive brand experiences and customer engagement.

MediaPoint: Designed for passive digital signage solutions, MediaPoint supports high-quality, high-definition (HD) displays aimed at customer awareness and motivation. MediaPoint enables passive media messaging, screen segmenting with images, and dynamic content such as real-time information or social media content. It is suited for general customer traffic and waiting areas, store departments, endcaps and in-aisle product promotions.

TouchPoint: Designed for interactive displays, TouchPoint supports customers’ touchscreen activity and interaction with physical sensors, buttons and product lift triggers and is used in welcome areas, customer service and shopping zones such as endcaps and product demo locations. TouchPoint can also be used to integrate in-store digital media with web, social, and mobile strategies to create a connected multichannel consumer experience.

In addition to featuring our solutions in our booth Reflect also conducted 2 educational sessions at the show.  Rick Mattock, our CTO and EVP of Operations held a great on-floor workshop, Oh, No!  They FINALLY Approved that Digital Signage Project!  In this workshop attendees learned a methodical approach to designing, deploying and managing a large (company-wide) digital signage project, focusing on business requirements gathering, hardware selection and network topology. 

Matt Schmitt, our founder and Chief Experience Officer, also held a very successful session on Planning and Conducting an Effective Pilot Program.  In this session, Matt took attendees through the process of planning and conducting a digital signage pilot program to deliver results and relevant data on how to proceed with a full roll-out.  Attendees discovered how to lay out the program goals and determine success criteria based on long term business objectives for a DOOH initiative.

Thanks for stopping by to see us; we hope everyone had a great show!