April 17, 2012

The Digital Moment of Truth – Feeding the Beast the Right Diet

One of the challenges for businesses undertaking digital signage projects is to produce content frequently and effectively. The term “feeding the beast” describes the need to keep content fresh, relevant, useful, interesting, compelling and inspiring.

Content is what connects the consumer to the brand, not the technology or medium delivering the message. It is beneficial to understand the guidelines of the brand’s style, and stay true to the style and personality. Also, understand the objective, storyboard the ideas before starting to create content. If the business comes to you with a blank canvas, it is still your job to fill it in as a designer. Content can have many purposes: to inform, educate, motivate, or entertain.

Each piece of content should be simple and concise. Depending on dwell times, determine whether to have short or long messages. Longer duration does not mean to deluge the screen with text. Visuals will always have dominance over text, and will stay with the viewers for a longer duration. Don’t try to force every bit of information into one message. If need be, break the message up into discrete units. Always consider that you will only get the viewer’s attention for a moment or two. If the viewer is passing the display, the message needs to be quick and concise, but if the viewer is waiting, the content needs be engaging for the duration of the wait.

Proper planning will help in creating a more successful piece of content. Storyboarding the ideas and making sure the vision is clear and concise will help eliminate any additional time making changes later. Due to the frequency of content creation often required for the medium, creating templates and graphics that can be leveraged will help in making content abundant and consistent in look. Consider the content as a series of video segments.

Create content that employs visual motion. Humans, based on a primal conditioning, are wired to notice movement because it may represent a threat or an opportunity. Also, faces on screen attract viewers as well. Understand that people are impacted in various ways: by colors, shapes, icons, etc. Good quality content is important to achieving the objective.

This is one section taken from Reflect’s recently published whitepaper, The Digital Moment of Truth. Click Here to download the full whitepaper. Select whitepaper download from the category drop down list, enter your information, and you will receive an email with a link to download the whitepaper.