June 28, 2012

Digital Connections in “The Real World”

Communicating with and engaging customers has always been a top priority for consumer-facing organizations, but today, with ever-increasing numbers of digital-savvy consumers, marketing and customer service have taken on new forms and digital strategies have become even more influential as a competitive differentiator, setting some companies apart from others.  Today, multi-channel strategies are increasingly focused on e-commerce, mobile apps, and social media. These channels of engagement are important, giving companies the ability to communicate with their customers directly, anytime, anywhere.  

But what about “the real world” – the physical spaces where customers have an in-person connection with the business brand? As the adoption rate of these multi-channel engagement methods become more prevalent across industries, companies with customer-facing locations are looking for further differentiation, and they are turning their focus to physical “placed-based media” technologies to round out their strategies. Dynamic digital signage and interactive displays provide key engagement touchpoints with customers.

The ability to engage and serve customers in physical locations is powerful, and the benefits that can be gained span across multiple industries, including: 

In addition to providing capabilities for customer engagement and activation, place-based digital media can be utilized to alleviate several wide-spread business concerns, including:

  • Cost management, revenue growth & margin improvement
  • Inventory management
  • Employee communication and productivity
  • Multi-Channel shopping & marketing
  • Targeting and keeping customers
  • Improving customer experience
  • Better customer service without more staffing costs

A brand’s story is shaped by customer experience and service, and the right digital media strategy can significantly impact that experience, while also generating sales lift and deepening brand connections and loyalty. Place-Based Media using Dynamic Digital Signage creates connections in the real world.