August 18, 2012

Digital Media Solutions in the Real World

Omni-channel retailing has changed the way consumer facing companies approach their customers, forcing them to extend their marketing and communications to multiple channels while maintaining a consistent brand and approach.  Creating this seamless consumer experience across all channels, mobile devices, internet, television, catalog and brick-and-mortar is vital.  Consumers today are digitally savvy, they want to be treated well and provided with top-notch service, and they expect technology to be used to add value and assist them.  At Reflect, we are helping our clients achieve this seamless approach and enabling them to connect with customers in the real world, at the brick-and-mortar location, with the strategic use of digital media solutions. The ReflectView Software Suite enables networked digital signage, interactive displays, audio and mobile solutions for business applications such as merchandising promotions, customer experience and in-store assisted shopping. 

Use Digital Signage to Engage, Educate, and Motivate Your Customers.  With the flexible content management, programming, distribution and monitoring capabilities of the ReflectView platform, our clients are able to control the specific message that plays on each display – at any given time, in any specific region – from a centralized, scalable system that requires minimal oversight and impact on their operations. 

Easy to Learn and Use.  ReflectView is an easy to learn and use, role-based application that makes running your Digital Signage Network simple.  Just upload your content, build your playlist, add business rules, and assign your playlist to the entire network or a targeted segment for playback. 

Simple, but Robust Content Management.  ReflectView has an in-depth tagging system allowing users to apply descriptive tags and rules to individual files, playlists and channels, resulting in more efficient content management.  The tagging system ensures the right messages are experienced in the right way and helps streamline the content management process.  ReflectView also has unmatched preview capabilities, allowing users the ability to preview content within ReflectView Publisher as well as through a link-sharing feature that allows individual content files or full playlists to be accessed from desktops, laptops, tablets and even smartphones and experienced the same way as at a site.

ReflectView is the most flexible, scalable and proven digital media management solution on the market and is the engine running some of the largest digital media networks in North America, including Best Buy, GameStop, Target and Verizon Wireless.

Want to learn more about ReflectView?  Click Here for a video overview!