August 6, 2013

2013 In View: Looking Ahead at the Digital Signage Year to Come

Recently, Digital Signage Today took a look at the year 2012 in review, and also a look ahead at what 2013 might bring to the digital signage/dynamic place-based/digital out-of-home industries. The end-of-year review/look ahead involoved a cross-section of digital signage thought leaders offering up their answers to one simple question:

What do you see as the biggest digital signage trend or story coming in 2013?

Reflect President and Co-Founder, Matt Schmitt had this to say. “In 2013, expect more focus on tighter connections between the Web, mobile and in-store applications. The blurring of the lines between Web and store will be a focus of many projects. Also, more businesses will be taking big steps to equip employees with rich media applications for training and assisted sales.”

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