October 16, 2013

Delivering On The Omnichannel Promise

5 Ways To Improve The Brand Image And The Bottom Line

Customers continue to make the majority of their purchase decisions in brick-and-mortar stores. This presents a golden opportunity for retailers who take the necessary steps to improve the in-store experience. In fact, research firm Forrester revealed that among retailers, customer experience accounts for 47% of loyalty, while price and value contribute only slightly to capturing consumer loyalty.

More than simply a strategy for nurturing customer relationships, a positive in-store shopping experience can help shape a brand’s story, generating sales lift and deepening brand connections. To create a compelling in-store experience, retailers need the right tools to manage the digital touch points and messaging customers engage with from the moment they first interact with the brand, to the second they walk through the door of a store, until they finalize the purchase, and beyond.

As noted in a recent Forrester blog:  “Customer journeys are characterized by a series of touch points. These are all the times when a customer encounters your brand, product or service…the touch point associated with making a buying decision is critical — this is a moment of truth — a point in time when a prospective customer chooses your brand or that of a competitor.”

Retailers must find new ways to extend the positive customer experience across the multiple channels of the customer journey — including mobile, social media, broadcast and brick-and-mortar — while maintaining a consistent brand and approach to omnichannel retailing. 

Fortunately, a well-planned digital signage program, including passive and interactive displays, can keep shoppers in the store, build better experiences, increase loyalty and engage consumers with relevant content. 

Retailers and CPG brands can now implement in-store digital media technology programs that address omnichannel challenges.

Key benefits include:

  • Enhance the brand image
  • Educate shoppers
  • Empower sales associates
  • Deliver action on promotional offers
  • Improve back room efficiencies