October 8, 2013

Digital Media Solutions For Brands and Retail

Shopper Marketing Expo 2013 – Navy Pier, Chicago

DALLAS – Reflect, the premier digital technologies provider for creating seamless in-store customer experiences, will be exhibiting at this year’s Shopper Marketing Expo in Chicago to showcase the latest in-store digital signage and interactive applications technologies for consumer brands and retailers.

ReflectView was introduced to the market in 2005 and has since been employed by more than 25 major brands, retail chains and businesses, and its digital media network has been used to manage more than 300,000 screens throughout the United States and Canada.

During the show, Reflect (booth #731) will be highlighting its ViewPoint solutions, which harness the power of the ReflectView software and best in class hardware and partner offerings to deliver a strategic, scalable, end-to-end solution for out-of-home media networks. Consumer brands are capitalizing on shifts in shopper behavior, both online and with mobile devices and apps, and are using digital channels as outlets for reaching customers quickly and conveniently. ReflectView Solutions help brands and retailers bring the work done with mobile, e-commerce, and social networking into the real world, the physical space of the store.

“Consumer brands often face the challenge of collaborating with retailers to adequately promote their products.  With the proven results seen through digital media in-store, up to a 60% sales lift on promoted products, consumer brands and retailers are teaming up and taking advantage of digital media to create solutions that benefit both the brand and retailer” said Bill Warren, CEO of Reflect.

Visitors to the Reflect booth #731 can learn more about ReflectView and how its ViewPoint configurations provide consumer brands and retailers the power to drive brand experiences and customer engagement. 

  • Brand Management:  ReflectView was developed with brand guidelines and management in mind.  Reflect has proven success with leading brands and retailers built around the exclusive ReflectView platform for in-store digital signage networks.  With the reliability of ReflectView, billions of consumers, in thousands of retail stores, are engaged with targeted timely messaging. The ReflectView software platform allows clients to control thousands of displays instantly from a centralized scalable system.
  • Message Consistency & Targeting:  ReflectView provides flexibility without complexity. Clients can deliver messages and promotions based on geographic regions or store-type variances, providing unlimited market segmentation and control, and best of all, increased variations in programming does not require increased costs to execute the variations.   Plus, the system requires little oversight, has minimal impact on daily operations, and can be integrated with web, social or mobile strategies to create a connected omni-channel experience.
  • Story Selling:  In-store digital is a captivating medium for storytelling and lifestyle branding. Emotional engagement and connection with customers is required, and in-store digital delivers on that better than any other medium.  ReflectView provides on the spot “story selling” that creates a connection and a more engaging multi-channel experience for consumers.  
  • Drive Incremental Revenue:  In-store digital media has the ability to drive incremental retail revenues and margins. Promoting products through in-store digital is an attractive sales and margin booster relative to discounts and markdowns.  It can be very effective to help deplete inventory levels of seasonal or trendy items that need to move quickly.  Implementing an in-store digital program is also an efficient way to manage current brand assets, utilizing and optimizing the visibility of existing digital and hard-copy assets for in-store digital content.

Recognized as the only rich media solutions provider to offer true mass scalability for deployments, ReflectView powers location based media ranging from digital signage for merchandising to interactive applications, and is the most robust solution on the market for businesses seeking to maximize their customers’ in-store experience digitally.  With its comprehensive in-store rich media solutions, Reflect enables clients to ensure in-store displays are strategic, informative and visually compelling, resulting in maximum brand compliance and customer engagement. 

About Shopper Marketing Expo – The Shopper Marketing Expo covers the entire universe of shopper marketing to inspire marketers and retailers with collaborative solutions and actionable strategies that influence decision-making along the path to purchase. The Expo delivers business strategies and tactical skills that translate into lasting results. For more information about the show, please visit www.shoppermarketexpo.com.

About Reflect – Founded in 2001, Reflect offers turn-key digital media solutions for in-store activation and immersive customer experiences.  ReflectView software enables clients to customize digital messages to reach more locations and screens with more options for content and control than any other provider. With a proven record of providing digital solutions to thousands of locations seamlessly, Reflect is trusted by the most reputable brands and retailers in the world.  For more information, please visit www.reflectsystems.com.