October 21, 2013

In-Store Digital Media for Customer Engagement

A recent article published on CMO.com, “15 Mind Blowing Stats About Retail”, presented some interesting and promising retail statistics. The findings reiterate the importance of the customer experience and provide further evidence Reflect is developing solutions retailers and brands can use in the real-world to easily and effectively manage in-store digital media for customer engagement. Of particular interest in the article were #’s 3, 7 and 15.

Proof that the store is still the star! – # 3 – 65% of U.S. shoppers will browse online and buy in-store during the holidays.

Focus on in-store customer experience is at an all-time high!  #7 – When asked who in their companies were responsible for the customer experience, 22 % of retail executives named the CMO–a percentage that increased nearly 50 % during the past year.  6% of retailers have designated chief customer experience officers.

Consistent messaging across all channels and touch points has never been more important! #15 – Retailers are connecting with digitally savvy consumers through a variety of touch points, including the Web (76 %), email (73 %), the store (50 %), and mobile (43 %).

Reflect believes a brand’s story is ultimately shaped by customer experience, and the right digital media strategy can significantly impact that experience, generating sales lift and deepening brand connection. By controlling the right digital experiences from the moment customers walk through the door, retailers and brands can increase sales, create a connected onmichannel experience, and gain a competitive edge in today’s marketplace.

CLICK HERE to read the full article on CMO.com.