October 23, 2013

Levi’s Finds Perfect Fit with In-Store Digital

Levi’s has been innovating since 1873 when they created the world’s first blue jeans and they haven’t slowed down since. Drawing on the heritage, history and lifestyle branding of the company, Levi’s is connecting digitally with customers in the store to create dynamic, engaging experiences tailored to their brand.

When tasked with redesigning the Levi’s flagship store in San Francisco, The Global Creative Brand Environment Team was told to, “Make it weirder.”  They were challenged to create a modern environment that was not only welcoming and engaging to customers, but also told the story and history of the brand.

Emotional engagement and connection with customers has always been a focal point of Levi’s marketing strategy, reaching customers via traditional media, web, mobile and social outlets with lifestyle branding themed around their deep history and heritage, but they needed to bring that same emotional connection into the store.

Capitalizing on current brand assets, while utilizing and optimizing the visibility of existing digital and hard-copy assets to create in-store digital content, the team at Levi’s implemented an in-store digital experience, including a 3×3 video wall, to deliver on the spot storytelling and lifestyle branding, creating a connected omnichannel experience for their customers. To complete the digital experience the Market Street location also features a 65″ storefront display and a digital screen located in the authentic tailor shop at the front of the store.

Check out the blog“Make It Weirder” for more information and/or pictures on the Market Street store.