Reflect Wayfinder in action
March 18, 2015

Reflect WayFinder- Leading Brands are Finding Their Way to Immersive Guest Experiences

Reflect, the premier turnkey digital media solutions provider for out-of-home customer experiences, today announced the release of Reflect WayFinder.  The advanced digital wayfinding application is improving guest experiences for brands nationwide.  Reflect WayFinder was featured in the New Product Showcase at the Digital Signage Expo last week in Las Vegas.

Reflect helps brands power their communications with digital media solutions and immersive guest experiences, engaging their customers throughout their journey visiting a brand’s location.  Introduced to the market in 2005, ReflectView™ is employed by some of the most well-known brands in the world including Best Buy, GameStop, Levi’s, Target, and Verizon Wireless. Large-scale digital media networks powered by Reflect are managing more than 300,000 screens across the United States and Canada.

Reflect understands that consumer-facing companies must find new ways to extend the positive customer experience across the multiple channels of the customer journey — including mobile, social media, broadcast, and brick-and-mortar — while maintaining a consistent brand message and approach. With Reflect Wayfinder, consumer-facing companies are engaging and guiding customers when it counts the most, on location, while providing a connected, seamless omnichannel experience.

“Reflect WayFinder uses state of the art technologies and builds on our proven ReflectView digital media platform. Together, this lets us deliver adaptive, dynamic location information together with traditional media content in a way that is seamless for our partners.”
Bart Massey, Chief Operating Officer for Reflect

Reflect WayFinder was developed to provide clients with a turnkey, customizable digital mapping solution.  Reflect has the ability to design and create the right wayfinding experience, tailored to the needs of any brand.   Reflect will work with clients to determine the right type of product to fit their objectives, and then construct the appropriate applications and content to deliver a solution using our industry-leading ReflectView digital media platform. Reflect solutions are custom designed, but with scalability, expandability, and reliability in mind.

Reflect WayFinder | Passive
For easy, quick mapping needs, Reflect will work with clients to create a user-friendly digital map of their space that can be directly displayed on non-interactive media players. The power of the ReflectView platform allows the digital map to be displayed when and where the client wants it, and also allows it to be intermixed with other content as desired. This solution is ideal for less complex facilities and areas where user interaction with a map is not needed. This is also a great way to start a wayfinding program with only a small investment in custom content.

Reflect WayFinder | Interactive
For more sophisticated scenarios where user specific interactions are needed, Reflect can construct custom map applications that allow users to interact with the digital display to perform actions like zooming in on a map, searching for store or department names, or showing routes from the user’s location to their desired destination. Interactivity greatly enhances the user experience, and Reflect puts experienced software design and UX experts to work to help design an experience that is tailored to the client’s customers.

Reflect WayFinder | Custom
Advanced, highly sophisticated experiences are not a problem.. Reflect can integrate mapping applications with digital media (videos, images, etc.) from the ReflectView system, and also from customized data sources that are unique to the client. Any type of data that is available for consumption can be connected to a Reflect map application to create truly unique and immersive guest experiences. The Reflect team will work with client resources to analyze data, provide the client with supplementary content such as social media and other engaging digital media, and design an experience that is elegant, functional, and provides users with a great experience.

More than simply a strategy for nurturing customer relationships, a positive customer experience can help shape a brand’s story, generating sales lift and deepening brand connections. To create a compelling experience, brands need the right tools to manage the digital touch points and messaging customers engage with from the moment they first interact with the brand, to the second they walk on location, until they finalize the purchase, and beyond. By controlling the right digital experiences from the moment customers walk through the door, businesses gain a competitive edge.