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Reflect Named 2015 Installer of the Year

Winner of International DOOHDAH Award for Overall Achievement

We are proud to announce that Reflect was just named 2015 Installer of the Year, winning the International DOOHDAH Award for Overall Achievement for our deployment at Cedar Fair!

Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, one of the largest amusement-resort operators in the world, is using experiential digital media across their 11 parks to thrill and engage park guests of all ages. The recently debuted digital platform, Fun TV, spans across the US and Canada, and reaches more than 23 million guests annually.

“We couldn’t be more proud to be named 2015 Installer of the Year.  Cedar Fair challenged us with completing their digital media implementation prior to each park opening for the 2014-2015 season. With up to 50 screens in each of the 11 parks, this was definitely a challenge the team was excited to tackle. Weather and time failed to cooperate with our deployment schedule, but our solution delivery team and supporting partners were able to shine through, ensuring we provided the guest experiences Cedar Fair desired on the first day of the season for each park. It was an exciting accomplishment for Cedar Fair’s guests and Reflect’s team alike,” said Reflect’s Senior Vice President of Solution Delivery and Client Services, Arnie Rivera.

Cedar Fair has always had a focus on top-notch customer service and guest experiences.  With the popularity of their parks and the addition of some highly anticipated new attractions, they needed a way to entertain their guests and provide them with helpful information about park events and promotions.  Cedar Fair also wanted a way to help manage the flow of traffic at entrance gates, in line queues and in restaurants to further improve the overall guest experience. And they wanted to do all this before the opening of the 2014 season.

Due to the aggressive installation schedule, a mere 8 weeks before the parks were opening, Cedar Fair needed a turnkey solution for design, deployment, distribution, content management and ongoing maintenance.  They turned to Reflect.

The ReflectView enterprise digital media software suite provides Cedar Fair control over the management, distribution and presentation of HD media content and applications.  ReflectView provides Cedar Fair with a flexible platform to display dynamic messaging and media that effectively communicate the latest promotions and park attractions, and it supports the integration and management of open standards for content, apps, and web technologies.

Reflect Systems Premier Mounts and Knotts Cedar Fair

Cedar Fair amusement parks provide an ideal environment for experiential digital brand media.  With 314 screens in 11 amusement parks, including Cedar Point, Knott’s Berry Farm, Kings Island and Canada’s Wonderland, the digital experiences start immediately when guests arrive. Entry gate digital signage is being utilized to help direct the flow of traffic.  For entry gate screens, Reflect developed a custom software application to dynamically control lane status for guest entry, indicating which lanes are open or closed.  The application also provides custom content and messaging capabilities to designate lanes reserved for groups and VIPs, and can also be used to promote special events.

Reflect Systems Entrance Screens

Digital media engagement continues throughout the parks with screens strategically placed in ride queues and restaurants aimed to entertain guests while they wait.  Multiple screens throughout the parks provide guests with entertainment and information.  Reflect developed dynamic content, including a custom weather package to inform guests when to expect the hottest or coldest hours of the day, or inclement weather, allowing them to plan their day accordingly.

Reflect Systems Weather App

Reflect also developed a custom wayfinding app for Cedar Fair, including dynamic content and social media integration, that is greatly improving guest experiences. The application allows guests to plot their amusement park routes, get information about park attractions, see live social media feeds, and get wait and walk times to park attractions.

Reflect Systems Wayfinder

“We wanted a platform to activate and manage digital experiences to delight and serve our customers. FunTV, powered by Reflect, provides this along with a great avenue for advertisers to reach an in-demand audience, delivering more than one billion impressions to teens, adults and families with young children in an ideal environment,” said Cedar Fair Entertainment Company’s Chief Operating Officer, Richard Zimmerman.

The digital screens located throughout the parks broadcast FunTV, a Cedar Fair in-house production. FunTV was created to entertain and educate thrill seeking guests on park attractions and upcoming promotions, with music, games, park trivia, and videos.

Reflect Systems Fun TV

With up to 50 screens per park, teams worked at breakneck speed to ensure the project was completed before the start of the 2014 season.  Impressively, the total project was deployed across all 11 parks in 8 weeks.  The recently debuted digital platform will reach more than 23 million guests annually. Cedar Fair’s constant pursuit to boost the overall guest experience has led to its world renowned success and solidifies their reputation of delivering world-class fun and entertainment.

Reflect Systems Banshee Videowall

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