In-Store Digital Media You Can Hang Your Hat On

Nebraska Furniture Mart of Texas

Company Profile:

The new Nebraska Furniture Mart store location in Texas, which opened in the spring of 2015, is on a site that covers 90 acres. The store has 560,000 square feet of retail showroom, and a 1.3 million square foot distribution center. It is projected to host 8-10 million visitors annually. The Nebraska Furniture Mart store serves as anchor to the Grandscape development, a 400+ acre mixed use development which will provide a unique destination for retail, entertainment, dining and attractions.

Business Situation:

Family owned and operated since 1937, Nebraska Furniture Mart is a brand rich in heritage.  Nebraska Furniture Mart has always focused on unmatchable prices, top-notch customer service, and memorable guest experiences. When they decided to open a new store in Texas, they were aware of the challenges of introducing a brand rich in heritage to a new market, as well as the challenges that came along with the immense scope of the project.  Reflect and Nebraska Furniture Mart set out to do the unthinkable, use in-store digital media technologies to design an intimate and personalized shopping experience for a large format store.

NFM Dome


Nebraska Furniture Mart of Texas provides an ideal environment for in-store digital brand media.  With 14 unique digital experiences, and multiple instances of each, in the 560,000 square foot retail space, the digitally enabled, one-of-a-kind, customer journey starts immediately when guests arrive. 

Reflect’s suite of digital media solutions provides Nebraska Furniture Mart control over the management, distribution and presentation of HD media content and applications across their entire digital media network.  ReflectView provides Nebraska Furniture Mart with a flexible platform to display dynamic messaging and media that effectively communicate the latest promotions and offers, and it supports the integration and management of a wide range of content and interactive applications.

NFM Wayfinder


NFM focused on enhancing the shopper experience throughout the entire journey, including:

  • Customer Experience elements designed for an immense scale
  • Messaging and Content to communicate brand heritage and values, timely information, and relevance to the in-store experience
  • Digital Wayfinding and Store Directories
  • Interactive experiences allowing customers to find departments and products quickly and easily
  • Visual Merchandising elements redressed daily to create an ever-changing and fresh store experience

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