July 7, 2016

Digital Engagement – Marketing Evolved. Make That Ever Evolving!


In pre-digital days, the marketing mix list was pretty short – TV, pring, OOH, direct mail, etc.

Then came the internet.  And with it, digital engagement, and the ability for users to search and consume the exact content they preferred (who knew the world needed so many cat videos).

Marketers opened their eyes to new possibilities.  Digital marketing started proving its worth in the early 2000’s, and marketers began investing heavy resources into understanding how digital engagement in the physical world would drive business growth.

When attainable digital objectives started coming into focus, marketers began setting their sights on digital engagement strategies and tactical plans for success –

  • Websites
  • Mobile
  • Social Media
  • Web Video

Before the mass adoption of e-commerce as we know it today, retailers used elements of digital marketing for one purpose – digital engagement.  To connect an audience with a call to action:


Even today, clicking “Find a Location” on a website equates to digital engagement, a conversion.


Once upon a time, the job of digital engagement was done once the customer actually walked through the doors of the brand’s physical location.

From there, store staff, static signage, merchandising and pricing strategies were tasked with converting shoppers to consumers.

Today, increasingly digital savvy marketers are tuning their attention to integrating digital into their physical stores.  But why care about the physical store if e-commerce will take over the world?  Won’t all designer jeans, pool supplies, and dog food eventually be delivered by drones?

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