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July 27, 2016

Shoppers Love Stores. Time to Focus on Customer Engagement.

Here’s a stat to embrace:

94% of all retail sales take place IN the confines of a physical store.

Sure, e-commerce is now an intricate part of buying behavior – it adds value through greater variety and convenience.  However, physical stores are extremely relevant and aren’t going away anytime soon. For many brands, the physical location is the crux of driving customer engagement, especially for shoppers who want to interact using their tactile senses.   

In-Store, In Touch.

This is the place where:

  • Brands can provide customer engagement, converting shoppers to customers.
  • Customers can touch, feel and experience the brand.
  • The moment of truth takes place for a majority of transactions.

REF Blog - Open

84 % of US digital shoppers enjoy the efficiency of digital shopping combined with the touch and feel of the retail store experience.

Thriving online brands have been known to leverage pop-ups, kiosks and store-in-stores to test their success in the physical space. Other brands are now dedicating full-scale stand-alone locations as part of their strategies.

From experimental test-stores to first-wave innovators, online businesses are tip-toeing into the physical realm.  The reason – to establish valuable face-to-face connections and customer engagement opportunities. Online brands like Amazon, Warby Parker, Birchbox and Rent The Runway see the value of place-based presence.  Their decision to build physical stores was driven by insights around how their customers actually want to shop.  Rent The Runway knows their physical presence allows clients to pick-up and drop-off merchandise, plus, the store’s personal stylist can entice guests to quickly try on different outfits and accessories.  A physical location combines convenience along with significant opportunities to showcase new merchandise.

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Mastering the art of digital experiences in physical locations.

Amazon has been a notable success with their in-store offering of “Order Online.  Pick-Up Here.”  However, many online brands still struggle adapting to brick and mortar life.  These e-retailers need customer engagement tools that enrich the shopping experience.

Place-Based Digital works wherever people gather, whether it’s visiting a museum, dining out, watching a sporting event, or thrill seeking at an amusement park. Place-Based Digital heightens the experience by connecting customers with brands.

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