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August 5, 2016

Shape the Customer Experience in your Space or be Left Out

In your physical place – a store, a stadium, a venue of any type – consumers will find ways to engage in the digital realm with you – or without you. In-store digital experiences should enhance shopper behaviors and enable them to consume information when, where and how they prefer.

If you’re not adding value to the customer experience, you’re missing opportunities for personalized, one-to-one interactions. And those opportunities might not be back.

Now is the time to bring digital out of the invisible realm and into the physical world to create win-win moments between your brand and your customers.

Create a Great Customer Experience with Digital Connections

Businesses who are customer centric are quickly becoming more digital savvy. Businesses who aren’t customer centric, aren’t in business for much longer. Here are a few points to guide you to a genuine dialogue between your brands and your customers:

  • Connection through insights: Data and insights are a critical piece in strategy development and in truly knowing what customers want and expect. Brands need to harness the power of insights. They are your guideposts in making lasting connections. Tap into your customers’ passions.
  • Omni-channel accessibility: Your audience wants to connect. As we all know, an effective omni-channel strategy is a requisite for staying competitive in the market. It’s all about being accessible and flexible in giving them what they’re looking for, when and how they want it.
  • Content engagement and continuity: It’s important that content and the customer’s experiences are relevant and consistent. Without relevancy, messages will not resonate. You lose interest. Without consistency in words and actions, you lose trust, and without trust, a connection cannot grow.


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If you aspire to have lifelong relationships with customers, acquire a deep intuitive understanding of what makes them tick.  It’s critical to always be authentic with your audience – in core values, interactions, and content.

As brands create compelling content, bring that content into the physical world so it can influence consumers where they are and elevate the customer experience.  Compelling content, especially that which is created specifically for the real-world medium, will help in making emotional connections with people.  It’s time to level up and provide an unmatched customer experience!

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