December 20, 2016

Spence Diamonds Delivers New In-Store Experience With Place-Based Digital Powered by Reflect

Reflect, the premier place-based digital media solutions provider for brand experiences, today announced that Spence Diamonds, a retailer of diamond jewelry, has chosen Reflect as its place-based digital media partner.

Spence Diamonds, founded in Vancouver in 1978, passionately believes there is a way to create beautiful, high-quality diamond jewelry. They harness the power of innovation and technology to deliver Artisan Diamonds to consumers. Their diamonds are lab-created raw diamonds, identical to mined alternatives in every way except where they come from. When planning their expansion into the US market, the progressive thinking that defines Spence Diamonds didn’t stop with the way their diamonds are made. Spence wanted to provide an entirely new in-store experience around buying a diamond, an experience that creatively gives customers all the information they could want, as well as the ability to explore their options in total freedom. 

Spence needed to create a store that mirrored the technological innovations of their diamonds and told their story of social responsibility, quality, craftsmanship, and creation. After consulting with their store design firm, JGA, Spence turned to Reflect to provide digital strategy and design for their new locations in the United States.

Spence Diamond Interior

“With our goal to transform the diamond industry, we needed a partner who could help us realize that vision by working hand in hand to create a ground breaking and unique in store experience. Reflect had the knowledge and know how to help us bring this vision to life,” said Eric Lindberg, CEO, Spence Diamonds.

To harness the power of place-based digital media, Reflect, JGA and Spence designed multiple digital experiences for the new stores. The unique use of digital displays paired with custom audio zones and experiential HD media content allowed Spence to create a digitally-enabled, one-of-a-kind diamond buying experience that starts right when you arrive at the store. 

Front Window Displays – To capture the attention of passersby and create a sense of intrigue, Reflect provided and installed four 46” 4K displays arranged in the shape of a diamond in the front window of the store. This eye-catching configuration conveys Spence Diamonds’ brand identity with captivating 4K content. The displays include ambient light sensors that automatically dim the displays as light levels outside decrease. This video wall experience is powered by a ReflectView Media Player with content created at 4K resolution and distributed to each display as full HD video.

Spence Diamond

Brand Wall – To drive customer engagement and create a WOW experience, Reflect provided and installed a custom brand experience on the back wall of the store. Visible upon entrance, this experience consists of an 85” 4K display with a Plexiglas panel overlay. The Spence logo is etched into the Plexiglas panel and the panel is edge-lit by programmable LED strips. When the LED strips are on, the Spence logo illuminates in the same color as the LED strips. Custom content triggers LED edge lighting presets to coordinate the video content and logo illumination. This experience is driven by a ReflectView Media Player and does a phenomenal job of reinforcing Spence’s brand identity. 

Spence Brand Wall

Bridal Wall – To further drive customer engagement, Reflect provided and installed multiple digital displays on the bridal wall. The centerpiece of this experience consists of four 40” 4K displays arranged in the shape of a diamond. To complete the bridal wall system, Reflect also provided and installed two 85” 4K displays, one on either side of the diamond-shaped video wall. The displays on the bridal wall allow Spence to tell their brand story and show how Spence Diamonds fits into peoples’ lifestyles and desires. The experience is energetic and markedly different from what you will see in any other jewelry store, and leads customers to engage, ask to learn more, browse merchandise and connect with a sales associate.

Spence BridalWall

One-On-One Consultation Rooms – To assist sales associates with educating shoppers and showcasing relevant merchandise, Reflect provided and installed four 40” displays, one in each consultation room. These displays run an attract loop to educate and entertain customers. Sales associates have the ability to take control of what appears on the screen by connecting a sales tablet to the secondary HDMI input. Once the associate connects the tablet, the content from the tablet appears on the screen. The sales associate can show specific product information to the customer and show relevant video content to assist in the sales process. Once the sales associate finishes their presentation and unplugs their tablet, the display automatically switches back to the dedicated media player content. These screens have proven successful at assisting associates, educating shoppers and driving sales conversion.

Lounge Display – To help create a comfortable, casual, and pleasantly unexpected customer experience, the new Spence Diamonds stores contain a lounge area equipped with comfortable chairs and a bar for mixing hand-crafted cocktails. The lounge is equipped with a 55” display and offers a place for shoppers to relax, have a drink, and continue learning about what makes Spence Diamonds special, including information on Artisan diamonds and how they are made. With content focused on “edutainment” this display helps reduce perceived wait times and educates customers.

Spence Lounge Display

Spence focused on enhancing the shopper experience with digital technologies throughout the entire in-store customer journey to communicate social responsibility, heritage and values, promotions, and lifestyle branding relevant to the in-store experience. Reflect’s suite of digital media solutions provides Spence Diamonds control over the management, distribution and presentation of HD media content and applications across their entire digital media network. ReflectView was chosen based on scalability, reliability and reputation, and provides Spence with a flexible platform to display dynamic messaging and media that effectively communicate brand identity, and it supports the integration and management of a wide range of content and interactive applications.

“Spence Diamonds offers their guests quality, high-end diamond jewelry and a very unique experience.  With the recent opening of their first US locations and the attention paid to digital technologies that improve the overall in-store experience, we are excited to help shape the customer journey Spence Diamonds provides to their guests,” said Bill Warren, Chairman & CEO of Reflect.

Spence Interior2

The most successful and effective in-store environments require the right technology, supporting a well thought out strategy that includes engaging and relevant marketing, merchandising and lifestyle content. Reflect provided Spence Diamonds with a customized digital strategy and solution design, and managed the project from conception to installation and everything in between. Reflect worked closely with Spence Diamonds and with their store design firm, JGA, to ensure every goal was met and every objective fulfilled. Reflect will continue to work with Spence Diamonds on digital strategy for other locations to continue the work on boosting overall customer experience.

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