ReflectView at Macy's
April 23, 2017

Digital Retail Signage Is Must-Have Technology to Engage Customers

We live in a digital world filled with interactive touch screens, brightly colored pixels, and a constant stream of entertaining and informational content at our fingertips. Consumers are so accustomed to digital displays that the absence of them seems not only outdated, but also archaic. That’s why retail stores must leverage the power of digital signage in order to reach customers, create brand awareness, and maximize sales. It’s a challenging task, but Reflect is here to help.

At Reflect, we specialize in place-based digital media solutions that give consumer-facing companies an edge over the competition. Simply put — your brand needs impactful digital signage, and we can make it happen. Our ReflectView™ platform is powerful and proven and enables seamless operation and management of place-based digital media networks. When it comes to content distribution, we provide scalability to deploy your messaging over a large network and vast geographical area using a centralized control. This means the content in all your locations is always current and on brand. Even better, our software features flexibility so that sites in specific regions can tailor messaging to their local customers.

ReflectView Levis

ReflectView Levis

Our solutions are crafted to the client’s individual requirements.  We work with clients to tailor a winning approach, backed by a future-proof technology platform designed for total efficiency.  Our goal is to deliver a controlled digital media solution that can be integrated with web, social or mobile strategies to create a connected multi-channel experience.  The result – a meaningful impact on each customer – giving the client an incredibly efficient opportunity to maximize sales, strengthen brand loyalty and provide a more rewarding in-store experience.  Reflect offers turnkey solutions that scale quickly, allow faster speed to market, provide greater control and allow clients to quickly measure results.

Reflect’s complete product line includes enterprise-level digital signage, large-scale LEDs, video walls, interactive applications, wayfinding, and more. Currently, ReflectView™ powers over 375,000 digital screens in over 35,000 locations and counting.

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To learn more about the ReflectView platform, our comprehensive services, and our newest product, Reflect AdLogic, contact us today!