Reflect Systems boot at DSE 2017
April 13, 2017

Reflect Introduces Innovative AdLogic Platform at DSE 2017

The Digital Signage Expo (DSE) had one clear message for attendees and exhibitors in 2017: this industry is on the rise. We were thrilled to be a part of DSE this year as the conference set a record for total attendance. The energy and excitement about the future of the industry was palpable. Everything was on display, from advancements in large format LED technology to the cutting-edge analytics solutions for more effective digital displays.

DSE is not only the world’s largest and longest running trade show in the industry, it is also an opportunity for companies and developers to exchange ideas. The conference showcases the latest innovations companies have developed for digital displays and interactive technology solutions. While these conferences have always been enlightening, the rapid growth in the popularity of digital signage made DSE 2017 one for the ages.

Reflect, in particular, had a successful event. We hosted a roundtable discussion and participated in a panel presentation at the Digital Retail Forum. Though these events generated well-deserved buzz, it was the release of Reflect AdLogic that captured everyone’s attention in the biggest way. 

AdLogic is powerful ad trafficking platform that allows for complete campaign management along with more intuitive scheduling and delivery. Clients are able to set objectives based on target metrics, such as frequency of plays and audience impressions. The algorithmic engine at the center of Reflect AdLogic balances ad playback so exact campaign objectives are hit. This means content managers no longer have to worry about an ad over- or under-delivering, removing much of the inherent risk in advertising.

Reflect booth at DSE 2017

Reflect booth at DSE 2017

The application also provides valuable insight and analysis into how campaigns are progressing, tracking in real-time the progress of a campaign and influential factors. The program’s analytics are especially useful in that they help companies plan for the future, compiling the data into customizable reports so networks and advertisers have a clear snapshot of a campaign’s effectiveness.

The accuracy and flexibility provided by AdLogic’s campaign management software caused quite a stir at DSE 2017 and customers were excited by the potential AdLogic offers. For both endemic and non-endemic based advertising, it is a simple way to track everything of importance in a single, intuitive platform.

The conference was one of the most successful yet. The innovations that led to AdLogic made a significant impact on attendees, and caught the attention of both marketing and IT experts. This is just the latest in a series of innovations from Reflect; more are on the way. To learn how we can help power your brand’s communications with advanced digital media solutions, contact us today!