Reflect at ICX

Key Takeaways from 2017 ICX Summit in Dallas, TX

The ICX Summit is an annual customer experience conference exploring how technology can be used to better connect, communicate, and engage with customers. It is also a unique opportunity to meet and engage with thought leaders and innovators who can offer proven customer experience solutions.

Here at Reflect, we are completely invested in helping our clients create a better customer experience through place-based digital solutions, and therefore, we were more than happy to sponsor and participate in the 2017 ICX Conference in our hometown of Dallas, Texas on June 5-7. With great keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and a multitude of other events, there was a lot to take in, so post-event, we wanted to share some of our experiences along with some key event takeaways.

NFM Tour

Day 1 – Nebraska Furniture Mart Tour

On the first day of the conference, attendees enjoyed a tour of the new Nebraska Furniture Mart store located in The Colony, which opened in the spring of 2015. Nebraska Furniture Mart of Texas boasts 560,000 square feet of retail showroom featuring fourteen unique digital experiences. Reflect’s signage creates an intimate and personalized shopping experience in a large format store, and ReflectView software gives Nebraska Furniture Mart a flexible platform to display dynamic messaging and media that effectively communicates the latest promotions and offers.

Day 2 – The Session

On the second day, Reflect hosted a breakout session titled “Don’t Just Build a Store, Build an Experience.” While there are plenty of restaurants and stores that fulfill their basic purpose, unless they are providing an actual experience for their clientele, these companies risk becoming just another face in the crowd. In this session, Reflect VP of Strategy & Client Services, Mason Page, focused the discussion on using technology to generate a shareable experience to move customers away from choosing stores simply based on price.

ICX apps

What We Learned

Not only were we there to share, but Reflect also learned a lot about the shopper experience while at ICX. Paul Blackburn, VP Concept Design, Construction and Merchandising at L’OCCITANE en Provence, gave Tuesday’s opening keynote, “Best-In-Class Customer Experiences”. One of the most interesting elements of his presentation came from a Bain and Company survey which showed that 85% of brands think they deliver a superior customer experience. However, in contradiction, the poll also revealed that only 8% of their shoppers agree. If brick-and-mortar retailers want to compete with online retailers, they clearly need to find better ways to engage with their customers.

Reflect was very excited to have such a wonderful turnout for both the Nebraska Furniture Mart Tour, as well as the Reflect Open House on Monday night, and we hope our attendees gleaned some key insights in our standing room only session, “Don’t Just Build a Store, Build an Experience”. Thanks to all who joined us, and we look forward to learning and sharing more with you at next year’s ICX Summit!