Reflect Systems In Office Display
August 23, 2017

Digital Signage for Corporate Communications

Digital signage is a versatile communications solution promoting daily interaction. Whether it’s a kiosk at the airport, an advertising platform at a retail store, or a digital display on a corporate campus, the applications for digital signage are limitless. Now, corporations are discovering that these bright, attention-grabbing screens can serve as useful internal assets for communicating with employees.

How You Can Use Digital Signage to Communicate to an Internal Audience

With corporate communications’ digital signage, your organization can quickly engage with team members via a flexible platform that can be updated in seconds. It can be used to inform personnel about company announcements, HR messages, job openings, and essential data such as sales and marketing metrics, news, weather, and even birthdays. It can serve as a channel to encourage, praise, and inspire team members by highlighting goal achievements, contests, and motivational quotes. Wayfinding applications can be used on large corporate campuses to help new employees and guests navigate the environment, which improves their overall experience. Content can be refreshed at the push of a button, broadcasting the latest photos from recent events or live dashboards relating to operations.

ReflectView is a robust digital signage platform that features easy-to-use functionality. This integrated solution allows users to distribute customized content and frequent updates to a network of connected displays across a corporate campus, no matter its size. Reflect delivers solutions that are team-agnostic, and you don’t have to be a coder or technology expert to master them.  It’s as easy as uploading images and videos to your displays from a web or mobile app interface. It’s ideal for announcing birthdays, anniversaries, and upcoming events, recognizing employee acheivments and welcoming visitors.

Syndicated Content (RSS feeds) can inform employees about breaking news and headlines from any major media network. The feeds can be customized based on your industry or company interests. Live Dashboards from systems like Google Analytics, Salesforce, or production-related platforms give employees the latest company-related stats. Reflect’s Social Media App displays your brand’s social media feeds, and can be moderated as needed. You can even integrate digital signage with Google calendars to make conference room booking easy, reducing frustrating double bookings and other associated hassles.

Half of all companies are using corporate digital signage to enhance communications among internal staff members. An animated and visual system improves employee engagement, which is key for organizations looking to reduce absenteeism. CICK HERE to learn more about how your organization can benefit from Reflect’s solutions for workplace digital signage.