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August 15, 2017

Optimal Digital Out of Home Network Evaluating a CMS Partner

from The Keys to Deploying an Optimal DOOH Network series, week 6


At the heart of any out-of-home network is a purpose for it to exist, and content for it present. As digital out-of-home, also known as DOOH, networks have become more widespread, powerful, and capable, the tech behind driving and controlling it has evolved considerably.

In this blog series, we have been discussing keys to deploying an optimal DOOH network.  We will present key factors and features to consider when making your next move in the digital media world, whether it is the launch of a new network or an upgrade to your existing systems.

So far, we covered:

  1. OOH vs. Web Platforms
  2. Cloud vs. On-Site
  3. Scalability and Reliability
  4. Content Redefined
  5. Network Monetization

To wrap up this blog series, let’s talk about evaluating a CMS partner.

Consideration 6:  Evaluating a CMS Partner

When you come to a point of making a CMS decision, you should consider various features and functions of software platforms, but the most important one is the company that builds and supports the platform.
Your content management system is a vital organ in your marketing infrastructure, and you should choose a partner who will work with you and stand beside you, not a component vendor or software reseller who does not take full ownership and responsibility for the product they provide to you.

CMS software tools have become much more standardized, cross-functional, and easy to use, but even the best technology may not achieve what you need if it is not backed by a reliable, competent partner.

Consider CMS partners that have broad capabilities in strategy and intelligent content design and can help you with all aspects of your digital media network.

Designing and integrating dynamic and interactive applications can be complex, but can yield amazing results when done correctly. Ensuring that applications are delivered, executed, and supported efficiently and reliably is also critically important to a successful program.

Working with a partner who can formulate a strategy, provide a world-class CMS platform, design and build applications that work seamlessly with that platform, and provide you with proper support for both the platform and the applications, will give you a path to success.

Building a seamlessly integrated experience will provide much better user experience and generate a much greater ROI over the life your project. Those long-term total experience factors should be the ultimate goals for all digital media signage systems.

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