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August 8, 2017

Optimal Digital Out of Home Network Network Monetization

from The Keys to Deploying an Optimal DOOH Network series, week 5


At the heart of any out-of-home network is a purpose for it to exist, and content for it present. As digital out-of-home, also known as DOOH, networks have become more widespread, powerful, and capable, the tech behind driving and controlling it has evolved considerably.

In this blog series, we have been discussing keys to deploying an optimal DOOH network.  We will present key factors and features to consider when making your next move in the digital media world, whether it is the launch of a new network or an upgrade to your existing systems.

So far, we covered:

  1. OOH vs. Web Platforms
  2. Cloud vs. On-Site
  3. Scalability and Reliability
  4. Content Redefined

Now let’s talk about network monetization.

Consideration 5:  Network Monetization

The reasons for implementing or updating a digital media network vary, but consideration is often given for how it can produce revenue by selling ad space. This has historically been difficult to do effectively in DOOH networks, but recent leaps forward in technology have made out-of-home advertising monetization a realistic possibility for many venues with the right technology.

CMS software and Advertising Sales and Management software have traditionally been separated, and the gap between them has been part of what has limited the success of digital network monetization.

Fortunately, that is changing and new advertising management software products can provide a way to insert paid ads into digital networks on a controllable, managed basis that ensures accurate delivery, management, and reporting of ad campaigns.

Now that digital networks are growing at scale and networks can be combined to present consolidated opportunities, advertisers are taking an interest in purchasing time on them. Selecting a high-quality CMS and a reliable, scalable ad-delivery platform can provide a steady revenue stream for network owners.

Depending on the mix of ad spots and the audience size, this can generate results that range from supplementary income to turning a digital media network into a profitable standalone venture.

Stay tuned, next week to conclude the series we will discuss evaluating a CMS partner!

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