Times Square
October 9, 2017

Reflect’s DOOH tech platform powers 350 thousand digital displays in retail, entertainment and hospitality venues

Reflect, a Dallas-based, full-service provider of digital signage technology, joined DPAA earlier this year. Mel Stott recently chatted with Matt Schmitt, Reflect’s President & Co-founder.

Please tell us about your company’s business, including your AdLogic platform and ReflectMedia service.

Reflect has been helping brands power digital media networks since 2001. We have an enterprise-class content system called ReflectView, which supports digital signage and interactive applications across a variety of screen and device types.

Our AdLogic platform was developed in response to an industry need for a highly automated approach to ad trafficking, delivery and reporting. One important point about AdLogic is that it can work in conjunction with programmatic ad sales, but at its core it serves a vital function for direct media sales – i.e. a media network selling directly to agencies and brands.

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