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January 23, 2018

Digital Signage Applications for Banking Institutions

Digital signage is practically everywhere these days — from airport information screens to restaurant menu boards to university lecture halls. This modern technology is prized for its ability to quickly disseminate messaging, broadcast real-time information, and serve as a tool for advertising. And as foot traffic at bank branches around the country continues to decrease, digital signage presents a remarkable opportunity to enhance in-person visits by providing customers with a unique experience.

The days of stopping by the bank as part of one’s weekly errands is long gone, ushered away with the rise of mobile and online banking. The loss of foot traffic is a missed opportunity for banks to engage with customers and offer new services. Static signage using conventional print-outs is neither compelling nor effective at communicating a bank’s message when compared to digital media solutions. Creative and educational digital content is proven to captivate audiences and improve customers’ satisfaction during in-person banking.


The brilliant and dynamic visuals that digital signage offers are unparalleled at highlighting the products and services of a financial institution. Digital media assets can replace sales collateral, improving a sales team’s efficacy and efficiency. It’s even possible to monetize a digital signage network with scheduled ads on a platform that also generates proof-of-performance reports.

According to the Platt Retail Institute, bank customers have a 63% recall of digital signage messaging they see while in the branch. By leveraging digital signage, banks and financial institutions can attract more eyeball traffic and derive greater value.

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Static conventional signage must be manually changed out, and therefore, entails a high maintenance commitment. With digital signage, content can be updated with the simple push of a button, saving time and boosting productivity.  Our Messaging App is perfect for showing off dynamic content that can be used to manage employee communications, display educational training, and improve operational efficiencies.

Banks can even leverage Syndicated Content (RSS feeds) to display financial news such as the latest Dow Jones figures, an S&P 500 ticker, commodities prices, and stock prices across a range of displays. The data feeds are then visualized in content templates that are best suited for your specific environment. 

We have a variety of branded apps that make dynamic content easy to update and manage on an enterprise level. Reflect offers a full suite of services including strategy, content creation, hardware installation, content scheduling, CMS, support, measurement, and activation.

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