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February 28, 2018

Is your in-store digital content watching you?

We all know technology inside of retail is progressing at light speed, but what about our content? The truth is that digital content is also evolving. It’s getting smarter, adapting based on shopper makeup and behavior. Let’s review trends in dynamic content and how BIG BROTHER is helping us improve the customer experience. 

True story. Not too long ago, I saw some digital menu boards that really got my gears turning. Granted, digital menu boards are quite common (nothing too special), but what got my attention was that these menu boards were smart. The content was adaptive. As I watched them, the content changed based on 1) the length of the food queue, 2) average viewing distance from the screens, and other factors. The content changed based on outside factors, and it did so in a way that improved my experience. Mind blown. A dynamic digital experience that tailored content based on external factors.

Read more of this article written by Reflect’s Mason Page on the VMSD Magazine website.

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