Doctor and patient

Reflect and PatientPoint® to Host DSE Seminar

Discussion topics include upgrading legacy systems and increasing patient engagement with digital signage.

Did you know that healthcare is one of the leading emerging industries for digital signage adoption? From hospitals to urgent care facilities, digital signage is now a channel to communicate and influence its viewers. It can educate patients and caregivers or direct visitors toward the coffee shop. It’s making the spaces associated with healthcare more connected. The versatility of digital signage platforms and displays means these systems can be used almost anywhere to communicate almost anything.

Engagement between patients and physicians is critical to enhancing care. While technology has long been a change maker in the medical world relating to procedures and pharmaceutical breakthroughs, it also has the power to change the patient-physician relationship.

Reflect and PatientPoint: Making Every Doctor-Patient Engagement Better

Reflect Systems has been bringing digital signage solutions to organizations for years, with more than 375,000 screens to date. Through the partnership with PatientPoint, the trusted leader in patient and physician engagement solutions, Reflect will join the patient-physician communication network. In this collaboration, Reflect will provide content management and delivery for the point-of-care leader’s digital network. Reflect Systems’ ReflectView and AdLogic® technologies will distribute award-winning PatientPoint digital content and sponsor advertising to healthcare providers across the country.

ReflectView’s unique approach to providing digital content management presents HD media with clarity and allows for interactive functionality over large-scale networks. The flexibility and scalability of Reflect’s platforms pairs perfectly with the PatientPoint digital signage network, which impacts patient-physician discussions in hospitals and physician offices nationwide, influencing the health of millions.

With ReflectView and AdLogic working together, PatientPoint will automate trafficking, delivery and reporting on sponsor ads, replacing manual list-making processes. ReflectView and AdLogic metrics can consequently help PatientPoint adjust content as needed, even offering the opportunity for A/B testing.

Don’t miss our DSE workshop

Reflect and PatientPoint will be discussing their innovative partnership at this year’s Digital Signage Expo (DSE). The session, entitled Taking Legacy Signage Systems to the Next Level: The Keys to Consolidating and Modernizing DS and Advertising Networks, will take place March 29. Dan Owens, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of PatientPoint, will join Bart Massey, CTO of Reflect, to discuss what businesses should consider when it’s time to upgrade existing digital signage systems. Learn more about what will be covered here. The workshop is also worth one DSEG renewal credit.

Our teams look forward to sharing our expertise on upgrading and discussing how Reflect Systems and PatientPoint are working together to create a better patient experience.