DSE 2018 Wrap-Up: A New Kind of Success

Digital Signage Expo (DSE), is the world’s largest international trade show and educational conference dedicated to digital displays, interactive technology, and digital communications networks. While DSE didn’t set a new attendance record in this year,
it found achievements in multiple other avenues.  Boasting the highest buyer attendance percentage in its 15-show history, with 93.3% of total attendance comprised of end-users, system integrators, and advertising/brand executives, DSE clearly continues
to grow. And with international attendees representing 60 countries accounting for over 17% of overall attendance, the growth is impressively far-reaching.

There were definitely some great success stories at this year’s show. Reflect was on hand with some noticeably impressive digital signage technology. As the proud digital media partner for Levi’s, our booth at DSE offered a peek at what we are doing with
this legacy brand. The vignette highlighted the brand’s history and fandom by displaying dynamic, curated social media content. Our social application allows Levi’s to easily call out and highlight their fans.


Reflect’s booth also included a new, sleek digital concept featuring a Polaris RZR. Once inside the vehicle, visitors used an interactive application to trigger content on a large display. They were able to view vehicle details along with information on our long-standing partnership with Polaris. Their marketing team was excited to see this concept come to life as the UX and overall hardware configuration complements how their shoppers prefer to shop for vehicles at dealerships.

Polaris RZR

Another unique experience we showcased at DSE was our partnership with PatientPoint, the trusted leader in patient and physician engagement solutions. In this collaboration, Reflect will provide content management and delivery for the point-of-care leader’s
digital network. To highlight our partnership in the booth we had the Interactive Exam Room App on display as well as a lounge area showcasing the Waiting Room Network.


Perhaps one of our most attention-getting displays was our Cedar Fair Interactive Wayfinding application. Rolled out across the Kings Island and Cedar Point amusement parks, this wayfinding experience helps park visitors plan their day with an interactive
map. The options include information about rides, shopping, food, and other venues of entertainment. Visitors can touch a ride, for example, to discover ride info, its location, the thrill rating, plus up-to-date wait time information.

Cedar Fair Interactive

Additional retail experiences featured in our booth included a Geek Squad videowall that can be found in Best Buy locations across the country, an interactive app we developed for Interstate Batteries, compelling lifestyle content from artisan jeweler
James Avery Craftsman, a unique diamond configuration of a videowall designed for Spence Diamonds, and an interactive app deployed in thousands of locations for Verizon.


Spence Diamonds

We also hosted a Happy Hour in our booth at the close of day one. We were able to highlight our relationship with Buffalo Wild Wings and showcase the B-Dubs TV Network.

Our team members were proud to represent Reflect at DSE 2018 and garner the opportunity to network with other professionals, engage with current partners, and nurture relations with future partners.