AdLogic delivers more than 1B ads in 2019 and powers one of the largest U.S. digital signage networks

Platform enables PatientPoint and Cedar Fair to seamlessly incorporate measurable advertising into specialized brand content

DALLAS — Sept. 10, 2019 — Reflect, a leader in award-winning digital signage, announced today that its AdLogic platform has served more than one billion ads this year. This momentum is the result of multiple enhancements to the platform and the expansion of its digital signage activations. Reflect customers include Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, one of the world’s largest operators of amusement parks, water parks and park resort properties, and PatientPoint®, a patient engagement solutions company that operates one of the largest digital signage networks in physician offices and hospitals throughout the U.S.

Launched in 2017, Reflect’s AdLogic platform leverages automation to create dynamic and scalable digital out-of-home experiences for advertising and sponsored programming. The platform enables ads to be seamlessly integrated with informational and entertainment content.

“AdLogic takes the pain away from scheduling, monitoring and reporting on ad campaigns,” says Matt Schmitt, president and co-founder at Reflect. “Content scheduling for digital signage networks are becoming more complex, and what used to be cumbersome for teams to manage can now be handled more easily and with a higher degree of accuracy. It heightens efficiencies while significantly reducing the risk for error.”  

Over the past two years, Reflect has continued to optimize the platform based on customer feedback and technological advancements. In addition to dramatic improvements in how users can scale AdLogic to fit their growing digital signage network, the platform now includes more control over how ads are delivered.

Other features include:

  • Balanced integration of advertising and native content, designed to improve content programs and maximize audience engagement
  • Integration with ReflectView, Reflect’s powerful content management system, which delivers and manages content for +400,000 digital signage displays every day
  • Flexible additions and adjustments to ad schedules, campaign targeting, and delivery rules
  • Precise ad delivery based on requirements including impressions, frequency and time of day  
  • Network segmentation flexibility to play ads on the entire network or a specific subnetwork based on designated market area, country, region, city and zip code
  • Automatic adjustment of ad delivery schedule to adapt to hours of operation, foot traffic trends and network interruptions, ensuring impressions and campaign objectives are met
  • Smooth and consistent campaign delivery, eliminating the need for human intervention and make-goods
  • Real-time data to monitor progress of ad order fulfillment and campaign delivery

PatientPoint solutions power patient engagement in more than 55,000 physician offices and 1,000 hospitals nationwide. PatientPoint leverages the AdLogic ad management platform to deliver up to millions of content plays per day as part of its patient education and engagement digital signage program.

“AdLogic has allowed us to scale our platform without placing a burden on our people,” said Dan Owens, chief technology officer at PatientPoint. “We also depend on the transparency the platform provides—we can easily see when and where ads are playing. The ability to view and edit ad playback at a moment’s notice is crucial and allows us to remain in compliance with rigorous and evolving advertising standards.”

Cedar Fair operates 11 parks and serves more than 26 million guests annually. Cedar Fair’s in-park advertising and sponsorship program includes national and regional campaigns, which require seamless integration with non-sponsored content and complex content segmentation based on ad specifications.

“With amusement parks located across the U.S. and near Toronto, Ontario, Cedar Fair’s outdoor digital signage often faces very challenging environments and all manner of weather conditions,” said Matt Shafer, VP of Business Development & Strategic Alliances. “AdLogic’s automation feature ensures the system will course-correct if any media players experience outages, automatically reallocating the impressions and frequency of affected ads across the network. This allows us to fulfill all media commitments to our advertisers without having to manually adjust the content playlist or issue make-good placements.”

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