Cedar Fair Amusement Parks Get an AV Refresh with Reflect and BrightSign

Cedar Fair Entertainment Company – one of the world’s largest operators of amusement parks, water parks, and park resort properties – recently updated the guest-facing digital signage networks in its 11 parks located across the U.S. and near Toronto, Ontario. Reflect was tasked with managing the initiative, which required overhauling content distribution to 545 digital screens.

The vast AV infrastructure is used to broadcast Cedar Fair’s digital signage content which can be seen in ride queue areas throughout the parks. The content, which is focused on entertaining guests, includes a wide variety of content types including long-form videos, text to win campaigns, data visualization around ride wait times, and paid advertising placements, all of which runs on the Reflect ReflectView CMS platform via BrightSign’s Series 4 XT media players.

“With such a vastly distributed network, we needed media players that would withstand the rigors of year-round use. Reliability was a key consideration, which led us directly to BrightSign,” said Lee Summers, Reflect CEO.

Reflect removed approximately 120 legacy players and replaced them with a combination of BrightSign’s XT244 and XT1144 players. The new infrastructure enables Cedar Fair to broadcast content to all parks, while also empowering individual parks to customize content for their particular locations.

An added benefit of the new AV network is the ability to easily manage DOOH advertising campaigns via the Reflect AdLogic advertising platform. AdLogic enables the content schedulers to simply import advertising content, and AdLogic automatically schedules the ads to play at the ideal times to meet key campaign metrics, including playback totals, frequency and targeted audience impressions.

Reflect completed the entire project in just eight short weeks, achieving Cedar Fair’s goal of enhancing the guest experience with the latest AV technology. Delivering informative content in the parks’ queue spaces keeps guests entertained as they wait in line, while providing Cedar Fair a new ad-based revenue stream to significantly offset the cost of installation.