Millennial couple at Cedar Fair
December 27, 2019

How Do You Reach Millennials and Members of Gen Z? By Being Where They Are.

We’ve all heard the stereotypes.

Narcissistic. Entitled. Unmotivated. Obsessed with their phones. Short attention spans.

But this profile of Millennials and Generation Z is wide off the mark, especially from a marketing perspective. It’s much more accurate—and opportunity-minded—to describe these young consumers in terms of their more flattering attributes.

Discerning. Community-focused. Socially responsible. Tech-savvy. Sensitive to advertising, capable of rapidly sniffing out condescension.

In fact, Millennials, those born from the early 1980s to 1996, number more than 73 million. They, not Baby Boomers, are the largest population segment in the U.S. today. Meanwhile, Gen Z (defined as anyone born in or after 1997) is expected to overtake the Millennial generation by late 2019.

Successfully engaging with Millennial and Gen Z audiences requires that your brand put forth its very best effort. That means being willing to meet them where they are. It also means focusing as much on starting a conversation as broadcasting a message. Entertain them. Leverage video. And provide them with a wealth of information that helps them decide on how to curate the kind of experiences that matter to them.

Ask Millennials and Gen Zers to describe their ideal experiences, and you’ll most likely receive the following responses.

Authentic. Unique. Fun. Shareable. Memorable.

Then, consider this: the youngest of these individuals are just now entering college. The oldest are approaching 40. If they’re not seeking thrills for themselves, they are in search of the kinds of family activities that can only be had offline.

Our client Cedar Fair provides those kinds of experiences.

This fall, brands have an unmissable opportunity to connect with these demographics at Cedar Fair’s Halloween Haunt.

  • Both local and national, Halloween Haunt draws millions of visitors to 10 individual parks in our network, and from San Francisco to Philadelphia.
  • According to Nielsen/Scarborough Research, the Halloween Haunt parks over-index their markets with Millennials and Gen Zers by up to 76 percent.
  • Half of all Halloween Haunt attendees fall in the 18 to 34 age range.
  • Four separate Halloween Haunt events received awards from USA Today readers in 2018. Kings Island’s Halloween Haunt was named the “Best Theme Park Halloween Event” in the nation.
  • This premier immersive holiday experience runs from late September to early November and drives peak attendance at participating parks.
  • Full of monsters, spine-tingling mazes, scare zones, fog-shrouded rides, and live entertainment, Halloween Haunt allows our advertising partners to interact directly with their target audiences.

Halloween Haunt marketing opportunities include:

  • Presenting sponsorships. Align your brand with experiences park guests will be unable (and unwilling) to forget by sponsoring rides, mazes, scare zones, and live events.
  • Experiential marketing. Put your product directly in the hands of your most desirable prospects by distributing samples, promotional items, and special offers.
  • Attraction integration. Leverage the downtime audiences spend waiting for park attractions. Integrate your messaging with the overall park experience using our digital signage and in-house television network.
  • Branded content. From the trivia thrills of the Cash Coaster to the exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how the Halloween Haunt’s makeup and FX artists transform actors into terrifying monsters, our original, full-HD video programming can be branded and tagged to your requirements.
  • Guest engagement. Generate leads by using tickets and unique experiences integrated with our SMS platform to create turnkey contests. Take advantage of our social moderation tool and automatically pull any #hashtag content onto our parks’ big screens. Get in front of guests who log on to the park’s free Wi-Fi network via programmatic display, video, and more.

There’s no need to chase Millennial and Gen Z audiences from one channel to the next. Simply follow them as they flock to Cedar Fair for this year’s Halloween Haunt. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of partnering with us during this and other special park events.