December 27, 2019

Not every marketing opportunity is the same; that’s why you need a partner with options.

In advertising, the “tried and true” may just be the latest “new and improved.” For proof, look no further than the industry’s thought leaders.

  • Researchers at the Zenith Group project that spending on digital-only advertising tactics (programmatic, search, etc.) will decline in the coming year, but that a revival of investment in traditional out-of-home advertising, from billboards to cinema placements, will help pick up the slack.
  • Production company Superfly, most known for creating the Bonnaroo music festivals, recently announced that it has sold its stake in that venture and will be investing more in building out its experiential marketing division.
  • According to Michelle Hutton, CEO of global client strategy at Edelman, a growing majority of consumers trust individual influencers and look to them for guidance when making a purchasing decision. Specifically, she claims that “63 percent of people believe what influencers say about brands, more than what brands say about themselves in their advertising.”
  • The latest data collected by DoubleVerify reveals that mobile app brand safety violations increased by almost 200 percent between May 2018 and April 2019.

Today’s smart marketers are therefore diversifying their portfolios. Moreover, they understand that the most desirable target audiences out there—Millennials and Gen Zers—are also among the hardest to reach and convert.

These younger, tech-savvy individuals are adept at filtering out the noise and tuning in to what they deem to be of value: authentic, one-of-a-kind experiences that touch them at a deeply personal level. Advertisers must meet these prospective customers where they are, speaking to them in ways that are relevant in the moment, trigger emotion, and delight the senses.

Our client Cedar Fair has one mission: fun for all. And that doesn’t just apply to the 26 million (and counting) moms, dads, kids, tweens, teens, and all-around thrill-seekers it welcomes to its 16 amusement parks every year. It extends to advertising partners. Just like the park guests, Cedar Fair wants brands to enjoy exceptional—and exceptionally memorable—experiences, and to feel inspired to come back for more.

That’s why Cedar Fair offers brands a wide range of unique marketing opportunities, each one designed to deliver robust customer engagement. They understand that, thanks to digital media and mobile technology, today’s consumer is more connected than ever. But too many marketing venues are limited to channels and platforms. What can your brand accomplish IRL—in real life?

The answers are right in Cedar Fair’s wheelhouse, and the company is committed to helping its partners rediscover the power of immersive, interactive, and intensely embodied experiences. Whether you choose to focus on a specific tactic or go all-in with a park-wide or event-specific sponsorship, you’ll benefit from being able to forge an intimate connection with real people.  

  • Those 26 million park attendees spend an average of 7 hours having fun and making memories.
  • Within each 7-hour visit, those same guests have 90 to 120 minutes of downtime in which you can reach them with messaging via an extensive, on-site digital signage advertising network and in-park Wi-Fi network.
  • Special seasonal events, such as Halloween Haunt and WinterFest, over-index with Millennials and Gen Zers by up to 76 percent.
  • WinterFest 2017 sponsoring partner The Hershey Company garnered over 27 million impressions via a combination of in-park digital signage and branded video content aired on each park’s proprietary closed-circuit television network.
  • Event partners such as Coca-Cola and T-Mobile have met hundreds of thousands of Cedar Fair guests one-to-one via product integrations, product demonstrations, promotions, giveaways, coupon offers, and branded attractions.
  • Marketers can further optimize their park experience integration efforts by leveraging in-house production and creative team support, effectively making Cedar Fair a one-stop-shop solution.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can make the most of the many advertising and marketing options available across our nationwide network.