Henry Heflich

Henry Heflich

Former CTO, broadcast.com

Mr. Heflich has over 30 years experience in the fields of electrical engineering and business management ranging from large corporations to start-up companies.  He was employed by NASA at the Kennedy Space Center while contributing to the electrical systems design of the Saturn V rocket’s First Stage during the Apollo missions to the moon. He served as a Design Engineer and Member of the Technical Staff at the Central Research Labs of Texas Instruments, designing linear integrated circuits. Among notable designs, Mr. Heflich designed TI’s first JFET/Bipolar Op Amp and designed one of TI’s first production CCD imagers. He later joined Mostek Corporation and served as an Engineering Manager with responsibility for static RAM and EPROM products. Mr. Heflich co-founded and served as President and VP of Engineering of MicroNet Research, a national Local Area Network design and computer systems engineering firm.

MicroNet Research’s ten years of contributing to the LAN/WAN industry growth, led Mr. Heflich into co-founding Genuity, Inc., a national Internet Service Provider. While at Genuity, Mr. Heflich served as Chief Systems Architect, instrumental in designing and deploying a nationwide double-meshed Internet communications backbone, along with contributing to the build-out of Genuity’s high quality web server data center strategy. He was responsible for managing Genuity’s R&D and new product offerings, including Hopscotch -- an optimized Web access system, and Genuity’s Internet security product offerings. Genuity was sold to GTE Corporation and merged with BBN Corporation to become GTE Internetworking.

Mr. Heflich later joined broadcast.com as Chief Technology Officer with overall responsibility for broadcast.com’s technology; including broadcast.com’s advanced streaming network design and infrastructure, managing R&D efforts, and new technology developments and deployments.

Mr. Heflich has served on numerous Boards including: Florida Tech University, LimeLight Networks, Collideo, and Reflect Systems.

He holds a BS Electrical Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology, an MS Electrical Engineering from Southern Methodist University, and an MBA Business Management from the University of Dallas. He is a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity and the Sigma Iota Epsilon honorary business society.