In-Store Digital Displays and Creating Brand Trust

In-Store Digital Displays and Creating Brand Trust

It’s likely that some of your earliest memories are of stories you were told. And who doesn’t enjoy a good movie or book? There’s a reason for that. It turns out our brains are drawn to stories and wired to remember them. In fact,

  we’re 22 times more likely to remember stories than facts or figures alone.

Since we all have this innate ability to remember stories, it makes sense to use them in the content we create for our in-store digital displays. In the vast sea of retailers, your brand story is one sure way to stand out from the competition. Your story is unique to your company and makes you memorable to your customers. Telling your story can create an affinity for your brand with your customer, build trust, encourage buying, and entice customers to return to your store.

What Makes a Good Story?

Any element of your brand story that resonates with customers is good content for your in-store digital displays as long as it’s true—including your history, your founder’s story, highlighting great customer service stories, or how your business is living out the company values. When asked, 54% of customers, especially millennials and Gen Zers, say that they are more likely to trust a company that demonstrates social responsibility, such as protecting the environment, equal rights, or philanthropy. And a whopping 95% of customers say they are more likely to be loyal to a company they trust. What it comes down to is that customers who feel connected to your brand story will buy from you, rather than your competitor.

How you tell that brand story should vary depending on where on the sales floor your in-store digital displays are located. Keep your stories short out on the sales floor, where the customer’s attention span is limited. Make them longer to show at checkout, where customers typically have a longer wait. Also consider varying how you tell the story—using longer narrative pieces, shorter employee Q&As, and pieces that land somewhere in between.

Set Your Company Apart and Build Trust

Brand storytelling is an important part of your marketing mix, and your in-store digital displays are an ideal place to showcase it. Stories that are memorable and resonate with the listener can encourage them to trust you, which leads to customers taking action, buying from you, and returning to the store in the future. No matter what your overall digital signage strategy, brand storytelling should have a slot in it.

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