Capabilities your digital signage network should have

Capabilities your digital signage network should have

Technology continues to evolve at break-neck speed. Attend CES or any other technology trade shows and you’ll discover a dazzling array of new products available and get a peek at what’s currently in development.

Of course, one of the major attractions at these shows is what’s new in digital displays. Today’s digital screens are impressive in a variety of ways. Not only are prices falling, screens are higher resolution, brighter, available in different sizes and shapes, and some models are even flexible and trasparent.

Beyond the displays, other technologies continue to enable new capabilities for the digital signage network. There’s so much you can do in your business today with a solid digital signage network beyond simply presenting videos on your screens.

While your current digital signage network may have performed well, there may now be so much more you could be doing. Recent advances in technology may mean that upgrades could allow your digital signage network to do even more to help you achieve measurable business outcomes. Are the limitations of your network holding you back? Consider just four of the capabilities available on modern networks that are helping companies better achieve their business objectives.

1. Dynamic content

Thanks to advanced content management software and new screens, you can display dynamic content, meaning the content changes on its own. One common use of dynamic content is a social media integration. With a social media integration, you can install a media wall that displays customers’ social media posts about your business, giving customers the opportunity to engage.

Other applications of dynamic content include displaying and updating flash sale information at the point of sale, and changing content on the screens according to the time of day, or integrating with your inventory management system to change content based on what you have available in store. With today’s digital signage integration technology, you can pull content from other sources to display in your digital signage network or to drive the display of dynamic content.

2. Interactivity

Customers are used to interactive content and expect it in their retail experiences. For larger retailers, shopping centers, and entertainment venues, one helpful way to leverage interactivity is by installing interactive wayfinders. These touch screens assist customers in navigating a store or campus, finding their way to the products they want to buy or people they want to meet with. Another example of useful interactivity is product information displays. These experiences allow customers to select a product—either on the screen, by lifting something off a shelf, or by voice command—and the digital signage network provides the customer more information about the product. This type of digital signage experience is particularly valuable when stores are busy or new products are being launched.

3. Shopper data and analytics

For retailers, your digital signage network can also be used to help gather information about shoppers in your store. Screens with integrated cameras capture demographic information, such as gender and approximate age. Wi-Fi sensors anonymously track cell phones and determine a customer’s path through the store, letting you see their route and where they stopped. Link this information to the loyalty app installed on the customer’s phone, and add their purchase history to the mix. This valuable information helps you create a picture that lets you shape and improve the customer experience for future visits.

4. Advertising

Monetizing audiences and driving increased revenue and profits through advertising mixed with engaging, entertaining, and informative content is a growing area of interest for many retailers, shopping centers and entertainment venues. Today’s technology allows campaign content to be easily integrated into digital signage playlists to achieve targeted objectives while minimizing the manual effort required to measure, update, and report. Some venues are even finding advertising can support the entire cost of their digital signage network, effectively allowing them to upgrade the guest experience with little to no investment.

An additional advantage of newer networks

Newer network software and hardware will not only let you perform the tasks you want right now, but can also to be upgraded in the future. Having a modern, upgradeable network means you can add new capabilities as they become available.

Want to learn more about these and other advances in digital signage networks? Whether you simply need a sounding board for your ideas, you need a trusted advisor to evaluate your existing network, or you want to better understand how other companies are leveraging digital signage networks, we’re here to help. You can reach us by contacting us digitally or calling anytime at 1-800-457-1609