Is it Time to Refresh Your Digital Signage Network?

Is it Time to Refresh Your Digital Signage Network?

In many ways, digital signage is like any other technology you own. Even if it’s still performing well, there comes a point when there’s newer technology available that offers you more capabilities. But unlike your computer or smartphone, upgrading

your digital signage network is expensive and takes a lot of planning and work. You only want to do it when you need to, but how do you know when that is?

There’s no stock answer to the question of when you should refresh your network. But there are a couple of signs that you might be ready for a network upgrade.

Your equipment or software is dated or no longer supported by the provider.

Older technology by itself isn’t a sign that your network needs an upgrade. Components won’t stop working just because they are no longer supported, but support isn’t all about fixing broken gear. Once you’re no longer receiving provider support, you won’t get critical software updates to your operating system or your player software, which could leave your entire network vulnerable to malfunction or cyberattack.

Are there new content types you want to deploy but can’t? Then even if your network components are still supported, it could be time for an upgrade. Dated software or hardware may be limiting what you’re able to show on your screens instead of being able to take advantage of newer, more interesting content offerings. Outdated components can keep you from incorporating dynamic or interactive content or 4K resolution content.

Your network no longer meets customer expectations

Customers today want a personalized, entertaining experience when they come to your store. Is your current network able to meet their expectations and provide the experience they want? If not, they may leave and shop elsewhere.

For instance, what if your current network can’t support interactive applications? This limitation could keep you from implementing solutions like interactive wayfinding that can help customers find their way to the products they want. You also can’t install dynamic applications that change content based on who is looking at them or allow customers to search you inventory for the products they want.

Do you want to refresh your content more often or customize your content based on specific locations to keep customer experience fresh? If your current content management software (CMS) doesn’t allow the flexibility you need content updates may be less frequent or more costly.

Or maybe you didn’t need a sophisticated CMS when you first installed your network because you displayed the same content on every screen. But your operation has grown, with more locations spread out over a large geographic area. Now, it makes sense to add dynamic content and segment where it’s shown. If you’re still manually updating content on each screen in each location, it may be too cumbersome or costly to implement this strategy.

Digital signage—don’t do it alone

As your business grows, you’ll find yourself outgrowing your older network and needing an upgrade. The first step when you’re in that situation is to find the right partner. When you’re working with the right partner you are able to develop a phased strategy for upgrading your network.

When considering partners, ask for an assessment of your current network. Evaluate the approach and capabilities of your prospects, because while digital signage can seem overwhelming and complex, it doesn’t have to be hard. The right partner will be able to balance all of your objectives and help you meet the most important of those—engaging your customers. An experienced partner that knows how to manage large networks and optimize content can help you make sure your digital signage network is not just updated but is a success.

At Reflect we know that people power technology. From content strategy and development, to hardware deployment, to the most cost effective and capable CMS, to monetizing your network, we have the solutions and expertise to help you make the best decisions for your business.   

Whether you have an immediate need or just want someone to bounce your ideas off, we are happy to help in any way we can.