What could you improve with extra operating revenue?

Leverage your venue to create and market unique out-of-home media, sponsorship and experiential opportunities that deliver the audiences and value advertisers crave.

Digital out of home, experiential and sponsorship advertising represent tremendous opportunities for additional revenue – especially when you execute them effectively. That’s where we come in. We have the relationships and expertise to maximize the value of your venue to brands and agencies and help you and your team execute flawlessly. How much money will your organization waste “tinkering” until you get it right?

Three steps are all it takes to start making stronger, more profitable connections that provide better returns on your advertising investments.

Step One

Identifying the Audience Your Venue Delivers
In less than fifteen minutes, our simple survey will help you identify your Audience Profile, including key demographic and psychographic characteristics of your audience that you can use to shape advertising initiatives for brands at your venue. Based on this survey we will provide you with a sample list of the types of companies most likely to advertise in your venue.

Step 2

Identify Competitive Positioning
Want to know how your venue compares to other alternatives? Just hit the “Send to Reflect” button on your Audience Profile and we will show you how your audience compares to other advertising alternatives in your market.

Step 3

Define Your Program
Armed with an understanding of your audience, the brands likely to want to connect with them, and other advertising alternatives available to these brands and their agencies, you are ready to define your monetization program. We will visit your venue and meet with your team to gather the remaining information needed to build your monetization plan. Within a week of gathering the needed information, we’ll provide a comprehensive plan for your venue including:

  • Recommended digital experiences to support media sales programs
  • Go-to-market strategy and sales ramp plan
  • Support requirements for experiential activations
  • Proforma budgets for the first twenty-four months of your monetization program including expected ROI

From design, to creative, to execution to measurement, Reflect can provide as much or as little help as you need to build powerful, productive connections for brands that will deliver revenue for your venue. We are so committed to your success, that we start with your end in mind!

Maximize the revenue your venue delivers!


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