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Company Profile

James Avery Jewelry, a family owned company, offers finely crafted jewelry designs for men and women.  The company’s mission is to “celebrate life through the beauty of design.” Since 1954, James Avery has done just that, designing timeless jewelry pieces for special occasions and every day wear that have universal appeal and reflect the things that are important in life.

James Avery offers over 1,100 designs and maintains 14,000 separate jewelry items in their active product line, each originated by skilled artisans in the Texas Hill Country. 



Business Situation

Crafting in-store customer experiences is nothing new to the company.  In addition to designing, manufacturing and marketing all of their own products, James Avery traditionally handles all graphics, photography, internal architecture and furniture making for their retail stores in-house.  Because of this,  it was imperative that all teams involved in the new store design project worked closely with James Avery to ensure that the addition of digital media did not interfere with the store environment James Avery customers are accustomed to experiencing.


From design to deployment, Reflect worked with all teams to incorporate digital elements in the new store design that focus on telling James Avery's brand story. James Avery's goals were to create a more emotionally connected in-store experience with customers as well as convey the hand crafted quality of their pieces. 

The most successful and effective in-store environments require the right technology, supporting a well thought out business strategy which includes engaging and relevant marketing, merchandising and entertaining content.  Reflect worked closely with all teams to design and execute efficient and effective digital media solutions for James Avery. 


Today, James Avery is leveraging digital media to create engaging brand experiences.  Utilizing digital displays encased in traditional wooden cabinetry, the company successfully incorporates the modern world of digital brand media into their store environments without disrupting their classic feel steeped in heritage and tradition.  Due to their ability to successfully incorporate digital media, James Avery has seen significant sales lift and an increase in-store traffic.