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The new Nebraska Furniture Mart store location in Texas, which opened in the spring of 2015, is on a site that covers 90 acres. The store has 560,000 square feet of retail showroom, and a 1.3 million square foot distribution center. It is projected to host 8-10 million visitors annually.

The Nebraska Furniture Mart store serves as anchor to the Grandscape development, a 400+ acre mixed use development which will provide a unique destination for retail, entertainment, dining and attractions.

Nebraska Furniture Mart

Business Situation

Family owned and operated since 1937, Nebraska Furniture Mart is a brand rich in heritage.  Nebraska Furniture Mart has always focused on unmatchable prices, top-notch customer service, and memorable guest experiences. When they decided to open a new store in Texas, they were aware of the challenges of introducing a brand rich in heritage to a new market, as well as the challenges that came along with the immense scope of the project.  Reflect and Nebraska Furniture Mart set out to do the unthinkable, use in-store digital media technologies to design an intimate and personalized shopping experience for a large format store.


Nebraska Furniture Mart of Texas provides an ideal environment for in-store digital brand media.  With 14 unique digital experiences, and multiple instances of each, in the 560,000 square foot retail space, the digitally enabled, one-of-a-kind, customer journey starts immediately when guests arrive. 

Reflect’s suite of digital media solutions provides Nebraska Furniture Mart control over the management, distribution and presentation of HD media content and applications across their entire digital media network.  ReflectView provides Nebraska Furniture Mart with a flexible platform to display dynamic messaging and media that effectively communicate the latest promotions and offers, and it supports the integration and management of a wide range of content and interactive applications. 

When selecting our digital signage partner, we needed a company that could offer direction from every level. This was a new arena for NFM and we needed a full turnkey solution. Reflect delivered beyond what was promised and continue to prove to us they were the right choice, not only from a technical standpoint, but also a cultural connection. They quickly learned how NFM does business and how to seamlessly insert themselves into our operations. We look forward to many more retail leading projects with Reflect.”

- Lee Summers, Marketing Technology Manager, Nebraska Furniture Mart and Grandscape

Interactive Digital Experiences

Reflect Systems WayfinderCustom Wayfinding – To help customers find their way to the products they want in the immense Texas location, Nebraska Furniture Mart turned to Reflect to develop a custom wayfinding application.  Five interactive kiosks located at the main, west garage, and east Grandscape entrances, provide guests with store information, department locations, and optimal routes,  all presented on a touchable 3D map of the store to help them navigate the endless selection of home furnishings and electronics.

Reflect WayFinder provides Nebraska Furniture Mart with a turnkey, customizable digital mapping solution.  Reflect worked with Nebraska Furniture Mart to determine the right type of product to fit their objectives, and then constructed the appropriate application and content to deliver a solution using the industry-leading ReflectView digital media platform.

Retail applicationCustom Retail Application – Reflect worked with Nebraska Furniture Mart to develop a custom retail application that resides on 42” touch displays located on columns throughout the first and second floor of the store, seventeen touchscreens in total.  This interactive application helps customers locate specific items of inventory in the store, no matter how frequently they are moved.  Notorious for re-merchandising daily to keep their stores fresh and current on home furnishing trends, Nebraska Furniture Mart needed a way to ensure their customers were guaranteed to find what they were looking for when they arrived. Each item of inventory has its location available in real-time and is searchable and locatable by the application. The custom touch application is tied to the retailer’s back-end systems to ensure information shown to the customer is always automatically updated as inventory moves throughout the store.

Interactive Branded Applications - Reflect installed several 42” touch sensitive displays in the KitchenAid shop and appliance area of the megastore.  The combination of directional sound and interactive applications throughout this department provides customers with relevant, branded experiences that resonate.

Reflect Branded Application


NFM Credit Kiosk



Credit & Registry Kiosks

Reflect installed and runs 20 gift registry and credit application kiosks throughout the store.  The kiosks are dispersed on all floors to provide guests with the convenience of using them when and where they are needed.

Reflect WayFinder uses state of the art interactive technologies and builds on our proven ReflectView digital media platform. Together, this lets us deliver adaptive, dynamic location information in seamless interactive experiences that provide value by making the customer’s in-store experience fun, useful, and memorable.”

 - Matt Schmitt, President and Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer, Reflect

Experiential Digital

Nebraska Furniture Mart understands that a brand’s story is shaped by the customer experience.  When they decided to open a new store in Texas, they were aware of the challenges of introducing a brand rich in heritage to a new market. Nebraska Furniture Mart wanted to make sure they delivered a Texas sized branded experience that would resonate with their customers.

3 x 3 Video Wall – Reflect installed a 3x3 video wall on a custom wall-mount system located at the back of the store.  The video wall is used to display Texas related content and imagery that spans across all 9 screens.

3x3 Video wall

Mosaic Video Wall – For the curved wall at the Grandscape entrance of the store, Reflect custom designed and installed a video wall consisting of (27) 22” Planar Tiles.  The tiles are artistically arranged to enhance the architectural appeal of the curvature of the wall.  Nebraska Furniture Mart is using the mosaic video wall to display beautiful content inspired by nature and Texas.

TV Sales Wall

4K Display – Reflect installed and runs an 84” Planar 4K display located in the TV/Sound Department of the store.  This incredible display is utilized to show compelling, emotion-evoking 4K content.

NFM 4k Screen

Passive Digital Experiences

TV Sales Wall – Nebraska Furniture Mart has a large inventory of televisions on display.  Reflect installed 4 media players that supply content to the TV Sales Wall, allowing Nebraska Furniture Mart the ability to display 4 different content playlists throughout the department.

TV Sales Wall

Passive Video Walls – Nebraska Furniture Mart of Texas also has four 1x3 video walls, two located in the customer service area and two located on walls visible as you ride the escalator.  All of these experiences allow Nebraska Furniture Mart to play different content on each of the three screens or have one stream of content shown across the three screens.

NFM 3x1 Video screens

Sales Floor Passive Displays – Located high on structural columns at two locations in the store, the left and right side of the central entrance, are two 55” displays.  Each pair of displays is mounted on two adjoining sides of the column.  Nebraska Furniture can show distinct content on each of these screens or synchronized content that moves from one display to the other.

Home Theater Seating Displays - To make the experience of shopping for home theater seating realistic, this area of the store features four passive displays.  These screens each display unique content, allowing the experience to change and refresh as needed.

Tree House – Reflect installed two 40” displays mounted back to back on the trunk of the treehouse located in the children’s area of the store.  This experience is aimed at entertaining the kids and is equipped with video capture and directional sound and can be used to broadcast store-wide messages or emergency alerts.

NFM Treehouse


NFM focused on enhancing the shopper experience throughout the entire journey, including:

  • Customer Experience elements designed for an immense scale
  • Messaging and Content to communicate brand heritage and values, timely information, and relevance to the in-store experience
  • Digital Wayfinding and Store Directories
  • Interactive experiences allowing customers to find departments and products quickly and easily
  • Visual Merchandising elements redressed daily to create an ever-changing and fresh store experience

Reflect Wayfinder at Nebraska Furniture Mart

Nebraska Furniture Mart has always offered their guests unmatched choices and a unique experience rich in tradition and value.  With the recent opening of the Texas location and the attention paid to digital technologies that improve the overall in-store experience, we are excited to help shape the customer journey Nebraska Furniture Mart provides to their guests.”

- Bill Warren, CEO, Reflect